I am good at . . .

I’m an open book to you; even from a distance, you know what I’m thinking. (Psalm 139:2 The Message)

” . . . there’s a big difference between humility and discounting ourselves.” (Melodie Beattie)

photo 1-011
vignette from “Lantern Festival” at Botanical Gardens

Many times in my life I have put myself down, discredited my abilities and been just plain mean to myself. How about you? Do you tell yourself less than complimentary things? Are you more likely to list what’s “wrong” with you rather than your strengths and accomplishments?

Today’s list challenged me to look at myself through a more realistic lens. Things I am good at!

After you read my list, I challenge you to get honest with yourself before our gracious Maker and list all things good about YOU!

I am good at . . .

listening, trusting, giving
sharing, creating, being active
eating well, making time for fun
writing, thinking, cooking, cleaning
being aware, being alert, being faithful
loving, serving, helping
organizing, teaching, encouraging
welcoming, caring, discerning
accumulating clutter
making messes and cleaning them up
collecting memories
taking pictures
telling stories
seeking adventures
sewing, crafting, sketching
playing, laughing, crying
celebrating, choosing, designing
reading, learning, making up answers
generating ideas, imagining, expressing
exploring, discovering, preparing
giving permission to others
making lists!


4 thoughts on “I am good at . . .

  1. Kel, now it is there. It was not before, scrolling down or not. =] Who knows abuot these computer gremlins. Love your list, and I will say that you are a lady of many, many, MANY TALENTS!

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