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Jubilee: A Season of Celebration

Increase our faith! (Matthew 17:5b)

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In thirty-five days, I begin my year of jubilee. In forty-five days, we will be celebrating the marriage of my son to his bride.

In this lull before the wedding, I’ve been tending our little garden plot.

Last year, my son and I embarked on this project of fencing off some of the yard for him to plant a salsa garden and for me to experiment with other vegetables. We even tried our hand at growing strawberries in a gutter along the top of our fence.

Peppers, tomatoes and onions yielded spicy salsa. I harvested radishes, beans, lettuce, spinach and two spaghetti squash. The strawberries were a bust.

This year, I knew he would not have time to garden. He’s preparing for his wedding day and beginning a new season of life. I haven’t had much desire to process all the emotions that are crashing against this mother’s heart, but I am proud of him, and happy for him and his soon to be wife.

When I don’t know what to do with my feelings, or my life for that matter, I do what I know.

I know gardening. So, I visited the garden plot. I began the process of clearing the land. Pulling and piling the weeds to discard. Plunging the shovel into the soil, turning the soil over, wiping sweat from my brow as I did. It felt good. I worked sections at a time, and by the end of the afternoon my back and legs hurt, but the effort yielded to the hope of what could be.

As I shoveled and raked and cultivated the soil, I heard voices over the fence. Two young boys were playing outside, laughing and running. I heard them holler, “Hi mom! Bye mom!”

I paused my shoveling, startled because the voices sounded like my sons at that age. And in the second that it took to hear that phrase, I winced and rejoiced at how fast our boys became young men.

Early yesterday morning, I returned to plant the garden. As I pressed seeds into the ground, it occurred to me how much of life takes faith.

Faith that a little seed becomes a seedling. That a seedling becomes a plant. A plant becomes a fruitful vine. And the fruitful vine bears seeds. And the pattern repeats. A woman bears a child. The child becomes a man. The man becomes a husband. And the rhythm repeats.

Embracing the seasons, celebrating life, and asking for an increase of faith, these practices offer me hope, as I approach this year of jubilee.

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6 responses to “Jubilee: A Season of Celebration”

  1. Kel: Congratulations on your upcoming Jubilee year. I never thought of that birtday as a that. My dad and my husband and others were giving me a hard time about it.Had I been more in tune with the Lord , I would have realized the Jubilee aspect of that time.

    1. Cecelia- I just love celebrating life and our God who gave it to us…so glad you are in tune with the Lord now!

  2. Kel, I loved turning fifty, but of course, I needed a metaphor, like you. God supplied it through Leviticus 25 on the Year of the Jubilee. What God shows you through this passage, should you desire to read it, or whatever metaphor He supplies, will be your own, to live out as He leads you. For me, it actually meant leaving ministry that was fruitful, “returning home,” and not planting or sowing. It actually led me to the wilderness in what I ended up calling my Chrysalis Crucible Sabbatical. (You know my penchant for all things butterfly). I felt God telling me to enter the chrysalis where I would be transformed and my new colors would emerge. And, to continue the land metaphor, I was to let my land lie fallow. To be sure, it was a time of transition, and a most significant one. God eventually led me back to journaling in an amazing way—not just to my own journaling, but to seek professional training in how to facilitate and write journaling classes. It is both my heart’s work and heart’s play, and it is sacred. I sense, perhaps, another transition on the horizon, of which I only have glimpses. I will be praying for your Jubilee year, your son’s wedding, your emotions, and your ministry. I believe this is a most joyous and exciting time for you! Joyful June Jubilee, my *younger* birthday twin!

    1. Lynni- Hello Birthday twin! I am looking for my metaphor and not sure if I will be a fallow field or a butterfly…I plan to observe my Jubilee year starting on June 3 until the following year and see what adventures God has in store. I know I will be reading Leviticus 25 and journaling and collaging about my year. I also heard that this is a year of Jubilee in either the Catholic community or Jewish community, can’t remember. But their focus for the year is mercy. Also a verse for my jubilee year that has surfaced is “The meek shall obtain fresh joy.” in Isaiah, I believe…so we will see where the year goes and I plan to chronicle highlights here on the blog as I am inspired. Love you!

  3. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Kel, you always inspire me, and I can’t wait to read abuot what God shows you. ARe you still considering some kind of Rad Sabb? You might even share with us the 50 most important lessons God shows you through this time. Mercy is a wonderful theme. Surely we couldn’t live without His!

    1. Lynni- Thanks for your encouragement. I like the idea of the 50 most important lessons! I am still considering a Radical Sabbatical…but not sure when or what that looks like yet…right now focusing on wedding plans and celebrating our son and his future wife!

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