Sunset Cruise and Adventure Run


I found a piece of God today. I had lost it at the end of the Adventure run on Honeymoon Island. When I was nearing the end of the 5 mile course, my training kicked in. I wanted to quit, but instead I gave myself permission to walk for a few minutes to recover my strength. It is much easier to complete these races, when I alternate between running and walking. Along the last stretch of beach, I was running and worshipping God, but my body was losing steam, so I geared down to a walk. At this slower pace, my eye caught a glimpse of a shiny, iridescent shell wedged in the sand. I stooped and picked it up to hold as a memento of the race.

After walking, I felt rejuvenated, so I picked up my pace again. When I reached the end of the beach, I turned onto a dirt road that led back to the finish line, about a 1/4 mile out. I decided to wrap up my earbuds and just silently sprint to the finish line, and that’s when I dropped the shell. Disappointment washed over me. But I was soon comforted, because while I ran with the shell, it felt like a piece of God was with me for those moments.

I ran with all my strength through the finish chute, where I found Les and Kokomo waiting for me. We started walking back to the truck, and I told Les I wanted to go look for the shell. I looked on the dirt road. I searched by the water station, back on the beach. The volunteers thought I was a little optimistic looking for a small shell on a seashore full of tiny shells. I decided to look for a similar shell. I found a few, and made my way back to Les. As I walked back along the dirt road, something nudged me to look in the spot where I had taken out my earbuds.

I found my piece of God! That no one stepped on the fragile shell was miracle enough for me, but to find it was the bigger joy. God is invisible, but sometimes He gives us a tangible way to sense His presence.

The last couple days have been once again filled with sightings of His goodness.

On Saturday, the weather calmed down enough,so that we could take Rhonda and Shay on a sunset cruise between Honeymoon Island and Caldesi Island out into the gulf, and then around the back of Honeymoon Island and under the draw bridge back to the marina. They even got to see frolicking dolphins, which of course, would not let us get a decent photo.

We hugged good-bye, after a yummy dinner at Frenchy’s near the marina. We all felt at peace after a few days sharing good company, good food and the goodness of God in giving us time together at the sea.

Today, Les, Kokomo and I arrived at Honeymoon Island for the Kiawanis Adventure run. It occured to me that the word “adventure” sure has been following me around this trip. The sun rose above us tinting the clouds cotton candy pink. The chilly day soon turned into a balmy morning to run through the wooded and sandy trails of the park, and finally ending on the beach.

Running was never my favorite activity, but now late in life has blossomed into quite the romance. I love running with music in my ears, the scenery rushing past me, and the freedom to walk, when the running wears me down. I snapped photos while I was moving, which I coined “running art.” God is apparent, especially when we are looking for Him.

I hope you SEE Him often where you are at right now. And maybe you, too, will find a piece of God, if not the PEACE of God as you search for Him with all your heart.

Photos of the sunset cruise and “running art” . . .

photo 2-002
ahh…salt water peace
photo 3-001
the captain of our three hour tour
photo 2-4
cruise director…SEE!
photo 4-001
sea serenity
photo 1-002
the watch dog
photo 2-003
the sunset
photo 3-4
crossing under the bridge
photo 3-003
before the race

photo 4-002
my cheering squad


photo 2-004

photo 1-001

photo 3-004

photo 2-5

photo 1-003

photo 5-002

photo 3-5photo 2-6



crossing the finish line


The cure for anything is salt water–sweat, tears or the sea. (Isak Dinesen)

10 thoughts on “Sunset Cruise and Adventure Run

    1. Dawn- It’s so like God to grant us his love and grace and mercy boundless times! I am loving the journaling prompts at 21 Days of Journaling in January…I just read 4-7 and want to do all of them to catch up for this week! Run, Dawn, Run! I am sure you keep fit my dear! ttfn!

    1. Kelly- Isn’t God amazing? I really didn’t think I would find the shell the second time, but He did! God is so faithful to show us His love and grace at just the right moment! I love him and love sharing the Adventure…I may have to change my one word to adventure for 2015…but revive still fits too…too many words for me to choose from this year! I feel like it’s a year of Jubilee!

  1. Love the quote by Dinesen. I understand that we are still in the season of Christmas which surprised me. I assumed it ordinary time. I am enriched by your continued season of Epiphany.
    So much richness: I think of L’engle w the dolphins and of course Gifts of the Sea and your desire to be a monk and a writer. Culmination and transition.

    Wordsmith, please talk to us about the root and meaning of adventure.

    Love you.

    1. Gillian- Yes this has been a great culmination of many dreams and a transition into a new season…I thought we were in ordinary time, too…I will have to see how long epiphany lasts…off to do some digging into the etymology of adventure. Love you back!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your race. lovely story, I love finding beautiful shells and ‘heart’ pebbles – they always feel like a special reminder of God’s love for me. Brilliant running art pictures – they were my favourite today!

    1. Victoria- Thanks! I find that I am really enjoying the being still with God while being in motion. I’m thankful God allows us these tangible things like shells, pebbles and words to hang onto as reminders of Him. I think I’m going to continue trying this running art practice…I was suprised by some of the photos…how well they turned out!

  3. I’m glad you found that memento of your time in the run. It IS a miracle that no one stepped on it.
    I love the pictures of your “3 hour tour.” I’m glad it didn’t end like another one 🙂

    1. Yes it was a miracle and it is a miracle how often we can see God at work in big and little ways! The scenery here is amazing…I will miss the sunrises and sunsets…

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