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Impossibilities and Possibilities

And without faith it is impossible to please God . . . (Hebrews 11:6 NIV)

For nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37 NIV)

photo 5

Every ADVENTure requires faith.

Monday morning we woke to more rain and gray. But we were pressing on. Les had arranged with the dock master to have our boat lifted out of the water and placed on a dry dock, so he could wash the boat. We weren’t sure how many barnacles may have attached themselves and we still had river mud from our travels to clean off.

Right after breakfast, we moved the boat to the take out dock. This marina provides dry dock storage for its regular customers. The customer rents space in the 450 boat capacity barn. When they want to go out fishing or cruising in the gulf, they call and the marina puts their boat in the water, ready and waiting for them.

Since we are transients, we normally wouldn’t use this service. But the dock master generously offered to lift us out, so we wouldn’t have pull the boat out with our trailer. Whenever they were toting around other boats, I thought it was fascinating. But the day it was our turn, I was a bit skeptical about the process. What if our boat was too small for the forklift? What if our boat fell off? We had to put our faith in the forklift and the dock master. Thankfully, my concerns were overcome by the skill and experience of our dockmaster.

Maybe it wasn’t the kind of faith Mary or Elizabeth had to exercise, but in this instance Les and I were entrusting something of great value to the oversight of another.

When Gabriel explained to Mary that her conception was possible, she believed. She offered herself in faith to Almighty God. Her faith pleased God. Mary believed that God existed, and those that sought Him would find favor with Him.

I was wondering, if anyone else besides Gabriel ever asserted that “nothing shall be impossible with God.” I did  a quick word search in the concordance. The only other person who ever made this claim was Jesus, when he was explaining to the disciples who could be saved:

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.” (Mark 10:27 and Matthew 17:20 The Message)
He replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27 The Message)
I am certain that Mary repeated Gabriel’s reassurance to herself many times during her pregnancy, and especially in the days  when Jesus was arrested and sentenced to death on a cross. I can imagine over the years, Jesus asking her, “Tell me again what Gabriel said about my conception, about my birth, about my purpose.” Maybe she even whispered this phrase to Jesus “For nothing shall be impossible with God,” when He was reluctant to perform at the wedding in Cana.
We can only imagine, what possibilities Mary dreamed of for her baby boy. And humanly speaking, it’s hard for us to imagine the impossible sacrifice that lay ahead for Jesus. But with God all things are possible. Jesus, so named, because He would save his people from their sins.

Living by faith, often seems impossible, but with God all things are possible.

What impossible situation will you entrust to the God of all possibilities?


More pictures of the boating adventure:

photo 2
forklift arrives to lift boat out of water
photo 4
boat resting on outdoor dry dock
photo 2-2
a container ship out on the gulf
photo 4-1
partly cloudy at the beach
photo 3-1
pigeons or seagulls?
photo 5-1
blue sky…ahhh
photo 2-1
barnacles on pier post at low tide


photo 1-3photo 4-2photo 2-3 photo 1-1

6 responses to “Impossibilities and Possibilities”

  1. Catching up on allof your blogs. Loving your titles, all the pics and your weaving of the adventure with ADVENT. Thanks for being you!

    1. Thank you Gillian for your love and encouragement…it’s because of your encouragement to read the classics and take a writing class that I am here today pouring out words for the weary! Miss you! Peace…heavenly peace be yours this night. Amen.

  2. Kel: Blessed Christmas greetings to you and your husband. I love the pictures and the adventure you are having.

    1. Christmas love, joy and peace be with you and yours, Cecelia! It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow…I hope to get to the state park this week! Glad to have you along on the ADVENTure!

  3. expectantlylistening Avatar

    Happy Christmas Kel, great to have met you this year!

    1. God bless you and rest ye merry this sacred evening, Victoria! So glad to have met you, too! I look forward to what the Lord has in store for each of us in 2015!

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