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Choices and Comparisons

You have multiplied, O Lord my God,
    your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us;
    none can compare with you!
I will proclaim and tell of them,
    yet they are more than can be told.(Psalm 40:5 ESV)

photo 1

Every ADVENTure offers choices along the way.

Some of the choices can be as mundane as what to have for breakfast each morning or where to stop for the night. This morning I chose to have plain oatmeal. I wanted to sweeten it, but was too lazy to dig out the brown sugar. When I opened the little fridge to get milk, I saw the orange marmalade. I stirred in a spoonful and voila! I created a tasty new oatmeal flavor.

We spent a glorious day, slowly cruising the river to our next stop. We knew we wanted to have dinner at the famous Bobby’s Fish Camp, so we planned to eat right when they opened at 3:30pm, then we would have enough daylight to go back to Turkey Creek inlet to anchor out for the night.

photo 3-001

We arrived around 2:30pm to their dock, which had electric hook-ups. If we chose to pay the dockage fee, we could stay and use shore power to charge our electronics and save battery power. It wasn’t our part of our plan to spend the money. So after a some friendly bantering, we agreed it would be nice to just stay put. We wouldn’t have to backtrack to get to the safe anchoring spot. We called the phone number to reserve our spot. The lady informed us that two other boats would also be docking with us later that evening.

Whenever I tell someone we have a 25 foot boat with an enclosed cabin, I feel a bit embarassed, because it is a luxury. When sized up beside a 40 foot and 112 foot boat, our boat is small in comparison.

photo 1-001
our boat in front of the other two along the dock


photo 2-001
before the third boat arrived

But nothing compares with God and His beautiful creation. Here are some photos of His handiwork along the Tom Bigbee River.





What happens when you choose to compare?

4 responses to “Choices and Comparisons”

  1. expectantlylistening Avatar

    Wonderful pictures. Your trip is making me start having some adventurous thoughts myself…..

    1. Would love to hear about you adventurous dreams, Victoria!

  2. Kel: I have learned not to compare my life or what I have with others. Most of the time I could turn envious. The other times, I could cause someone else to be the one to envy. God doesn’t want that from me.

    1. Cecelia- It’s so true we have to avoid comparison because it lead to discontent and ingratitude, at least it does in my life 🙂

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