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Quests and ADVENT{ures}

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8 NIV)


Each year as Advent approaches, I’ve come to expect some adventure with GOD. Will this be the year that Jesus comes again? Will my heart be in tune? Will I be attentive to His voice? Where will I spend Advent?

For ages, people have been asking all kinds of questions. And those seeking spiritual fulfillment, may be asking does God really care about me? Why all this fuss about a baby born in a manger? What does this mean for me?

If we search our hearts long enough, we realize we’re not always good. We make poor choices. We harbor resentment. We want to lash out at those who have hurt us and excuse our own hurtful ways.

And if we are honest, we want things to be made right. We might start asking:

What does God require of me?

As we enter the season of reflecting on why the baby was born, may the answer of the prophet Micah lead us to the one who acted justly, loved mercy and walked humbly with God.

Who was that you may ask?

That would be the grown-up Son of God: Jesus, Emmanuel, the one Sent to save us from our un-goodness.

I believe with all my heart that God loves ADVENT{ure}! And I hope you will join me, as I journey this December with questions and the retelling of the first advent of Jesus into our world.

(The posts this month will be regular, but not necessarily daily. My husband and are enjoying the great opportunity to be traveling by boat to Florida with our dog, Kokomo,  while we expirement with living on Intuition.)

What questions do you have about Jesus?

6 responses to “Quests and ADVENT{ures}”

  1. expectantlylistening Avatar

    Yay, I’m so excited to see the start of your Adventure! And, now that busy November is behind me, to start on mine too. Perhaps you will inspire more questions that I’ve asked before. Very excited by your question”will this be the year that Jesus comes again?”!

    1. Victoria- Your blog posts were very helpful for me to get me ready for this year’s adventures! Loved the good reads post this past week…yes every year when Advent begins I think of Jesus’ promise to come again! Another good question might be, Will I be ready?

  2. Hi Kel! It’s so good to be reading you this morning! Another GOOD question to ponder!
    “If we search our hearts long enough, we realize we’re not always good.” Had to chuckle to myself, as I know I don’t have to look very far to see my own sin. I often claim Paul’s dilemma in Romans: “The good I know to do, that I do not do AND the bad I know NOT to do, that I do.”
    When I tell people my story, I often recall how, all my life, I never made the obvious connection between the Babe in the manger, and the Man on the Cross. Not until my brother-in-law and his Pastor paid a random visitation to my house one evening, told me ALL of the story of this Babe/Man, and only then did it all come together in my mind. (I’d never had any spiritual guidance as a child and was 26 years old when I finally knew that I knew, accepting Him into my heart & life that very night.) I then drifted again, after seeing all the ‘perfect’ people in my little country church. I KNEW I did not measure up. But Jesus really got hold of me at age 33, which I now find interesting, as He was 33 when He died for me. Coincidence? I think not. Following Him IS the adventure of a lifetime. He NEVER lets go of those who are truly His. Even when I was farthest from Him, I still lay on my pillow at night, and prayed to Him for forgiveness.
    I guess if I could ask a question about Jesus, it would be: How do I get it through my thick head that Jesus and Father God are one and the same? I mean, I DO believe it, but when I’m in need of forgiveness, I always see Jesus as the loving, and kind, and forgiving Saviour. But I see God as harsh and judgemental and not so free with His grace. Like I have to pay ‘penance’ or suffer in my sin until I feel His anger has been assuaged. I feel like that’s the only way I can come before His throne. Maybe it sounds silly, but I think it may have something to do with my own Dad–a man who required me to feel really bad about myself until he ‘decided’ I’d suffered long enough with his silence toward me. Food for thought?

    1. Jillie- I can totally relate to having a father and a step-father who did not model a unconditional love like our heavenly Father…thanks for sharing a bit of your faith story here…I think it is awesome that you can see the progression of growth and how much Jesus loves you and I pray the Father’s grace will become sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

  3. Bon Voyage my friend. May you experience a grand and God filled Adventure!

    1. Merci beaucoup! We had a very peaceful and restful beginning of the journey…it is grand just knowing God imagined this trip for us even before we were born…oh how he loves each one of us…

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