Oh, The Joys . . .

Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to you again!
    Give us back the joys we once had! (Lamentations 5:21 NLT)


One thing I love about keeping a blog is that I can determine my own writing schedule and topic. October was a wonderful month of daily writing, but November is a month of preparations and slowing down.

I still have some more questions to pose before the ADVENT{ures} begin, but today I wanted to share this space with some other voices.

My friend, Jeanie, posted one of her wonderful heart felt confessions this week: From Mrs. Hyde to Mrs. Jekyll

Victoria, from expectantly listening, shared a recap of her posts to help us be ready for Advent: Making Advent Special: Catch Up Day

Through her post, I was introduced to a really, wonderful contemplative daily podcast called Pray As You Go. (It includes a hymn and Scripture reading, with meditative questions. I actually have my journal open when I listen, and write down my responses. But you can just listen, too.)

And if you missed the Random Journal Day post at Dawn’s, you can read what Kathryn Ross has to say about variety in journaling, and read the links to see what others shared from their journals. (Always a rich offering with these friends.)

I’m off to ponder what question to ask ourselves in my next post!

Have a great weekend. We are supposed to get SNOW! (Kind of early for St. Louisans. We get all crazy, whenever we hear the word, snow. Better go get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk,  because we might get snowed in. Ha!)


10 thoughts on “Oh, The Joys . . .

  1. Oh, Kel- I am so in agreement with you. October stretched me to the MAX! Which is interesting as I used to post daily at old blog, but I think I found a comfortable , as I felt led pace at ED. BUT, I so love returning to blogging and reading more…I barely had time to read in October…is this your collage? I love it! I so love you and Lynn’s collages that you have shared. I would do one of your collage journey’s in the new year, perhaps- when will you start a new one? Also I LOVE SNOW. We had the teensiest bit this morning. My mom and hub were not happy. But I said to them, -well, you can hate it all you want- it will not stop it, so why not just enjoy it! Or at least make the best of it…why let the weather dictate your moods? …they do not appreciate my philosophy. lol. Hugs!

    1. Dawn- You’ll get a kick out of this…I dubbed this month “NO”vember…bkz I just needed to slow down…my husband and I are “skipping” Christmas and heading southerly on Dec 1 for a long overdue vacation and then expirement at living on our boat for two months…Dec and Jan in Florida…woohoo beach time…so I’m going to enjoy the little snow here before we leave…while away I will be planning the next art journaling journey both for local folks and some kind of online venture 🙂

      I am loving collage and this one I actually scanned in and then tinted the whole thing red with picasa…fun stuff

      Enjoy whatever weather comes your way! I look forward to joining you on the re-boot of 21 days of journaling in January! I will be here and on facebook while away…our son is watching our house and the Kitten…we’ll take the Pup with us!

      1. Well that rest will allow you to truly renew yourself, Kel. Nothing like getting out of the routine and letting God breathe newness into you that way. As much as I love routine- and I do. It is needful to bust out of the mold …absolutely. Prayers for a time of refreshment for you and your hub! Wow 2 months on a boat…OK, so seriously my first question should be where but it’s: You are buying or creating a special journal for this trip, right? lol

      2. Dawn-great question about the journal! I am preparing an art journal for advent…and I will take one for just writing in…I have a stash…and a planner which I won’t be planning much in while away but use it as a daily diary of sorts …we’ll be on the gulf side of Florida …will share more as we travel …I hope to post some of our adventures here

  2. So glad you’ve been enjoying Pray As You Go, and I love this red joy collage, beautiful, simple, and vibrant!

    1. Thanks Victoria for faithfully posting realistic encouragement to prepare for Advent..I’ve been telling everyone I know about the Pray as you go podcast! I altered the collage with picasa thus getting the overall red tint…

      1. Ahhhh I didn’t know that! Thought you had been looking out all those red prints!! I’m very excited to be receiving in the post hopefully today or Monday some gelato ( is that the right word? I chose the children’s version called gel sticks to save money on my first outing with them!)
        Have a lovely weekend!

      2. Victoria-I have the kids version of the gelato/gel sticks and they work great! Enjoy! I use them like water soluble crayons…there are many other ways to use them…if you check out you tube I’m sure there are tutorials…

  3. Seriously, it’s gonna snow?! I missed that. I’ve been gone all day with Mother and Sheridan at the Art Museum (great restaurant there too) and then off to my niece and nephew’s 16th b/day party. I forgot that you know the twins. I’ve missed the news and snow predictions. I don’t mind as long as I’m in looking out (well, basically not driving in it). I don’t mind walking in it. Oh, Kel, you should see Innsbrook in the snow. Sooo lovely. and the walk around the lake is ethereal then. Can’t wait to hear about your bo-ventures. (That’s boat + adventures). Or maybe beauventures! =] I know they will be beautiful!

    1. Lynni-what a great outing to the art museum…I love the new wing, but haven’t been to new restaurant yet. Happy bday to your niece and nephew…can’t believe they are 16! Only a little snow but will enjoy it!

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