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Question: A Matter That Is Being Discussed

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 ESV)



After a month of meeting with God through collage, Scriptures and gleanings from Brother Lawrence, it was hard to leave the practice behind.

Then I thought, why should I leave the practice of using collage and Scripture to dialogue with God? Why not keep the conversation open? After all, isn’t that what Brother Lawrence encouraged us to do? Practice the presence of God, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

November arrived on a Saturday, filled with expectation and a quest. My dear friend, Tracy Flori and I had spent months, days and hours dreaming and planning a day retreat for women. She offered an interactive seminar on “What is in a Question?: A Learner’s Quest,” leading us to ask productive questions in order to build and sustain healthy relationships.

“What makes you BLOOM?”

It was a God drenched day. Drenched with sunshine, great dialogue, new insights and the chaos of a roomful of women conversing and creating. I led the women in making mini-journals, and asked them to respond to this question: “What do you WANT?” They wrote their answers on the piece of paper that would become their journal. We used collage techniques for a fun little reminder of the day.


As I was thinking about a topic for my November posts, I thought I might do some early reflections on Advent. But then, I came across this question in a magazine, which I added to a collage that I was designing, and a new direction emerged.



I took this question two ways. And both ways would be great prompts for a journal prayer to God.

1) “Do you have questions for ME?” (God is asking me, if I have any questions for Him.)
or the more courageous way . . .
2) Do YOU have questions for me? (I am asking God, if He has any questions for me.)

Which direction will you take with this question?

Won’t you join me this month for a quest? A quest of questions. A discussion of things that matter. A dialogue with each other and our Creator. (And maybe even some more collage fun!)

8 responses to “Question: A Matter That Is Being Discussed”

  1. expectantlylistening Avatar

    ‘Do you have questions for me?’ is a great prompt! I’m jumping in gently (if that’s not too much of a contradiction!) with pause ponder prepare this month by reading the notes and making a small gift tag every day, but not really going very deeply in to the scriptures, just letting them percolate. My plan is to revisit in December and make a journal using the tags and a bit more in depth study. I think that means I can definitely add in some time in November to join you and ask God this question, during some bedtime prayers, and vice versa. I’m looking forward to it, and to sharing your discoveries too.

    1. Victoria- I like your plan and pace for pause ponder prepare…I’m doing a similar plan but I’m creating backgrounds in an art journal…I hope to reflect on the scriptures and devotions in December too…I look forward to seeing how this question impacts my conversations with God too

  2. What an awesome day retreat we had once again. I always come home refreshed, recharged, and reassured that I can do what God has called me to. What a powerful and fun time we had – learning, writing and playing with art. I have finished my little mini-art journal and I love it ❤ What a treasure. Can't wait until next time!

    1. Kelly-it was a great day! Was do fun to have you there and your sil …everyone is so full of creativity! I can’t wait to see your finished booklet!

  3. Kel, this is wonderful. I’ve long been aware of the word QUEST in QUESTION. (or should I say i’ve been aware of QUEST in question for IONS?…..A fun way to spell eons! 🙂 ANYWAY! I love using questions in my own journal and also when conducting journaling workshops that I design. So…this is up my alley, and I love your double entendre’d meaning in that question. Can’t wait to see what you do!
    Happy Near-Advent.

    1. Lynni-I think you were the first person who pointed out the quest in questions! You say ions…I say eons…ha! Wordplay is such fun! Would love to hear if you use today’s question in your journal!

  4. I’ve never thought about asking God questions, Kel! But this is a very thought provoking idea!

    1. Madi- I think God likes a dialogue…and I think Job and David practiced asking God questions and it enhanced their relationship in the long run…so why not, right?

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