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As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. (John 15:9 ESV)

It’s simple really.


It’s easy to complicate love. I rise to the occassion, follow-through on daily collages, daily posts and I start feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Like this particular habit is the key to practicing the presence of GOD.

Brother Lawrence warns against routine for its own sake, he gently and firmly guides us back to the simplicity of love:

“That in the beginning of the spiritual life we ought to be faithful in doing our duty and denying ourselves; but after that unspeakable pleasures followed: that in difficulties we need only have recourse to JESUS CHRIST, and beg His grace, with which everything became easy.

That many do not advance . . . because they stick in penances, and particular exercises, while they neglect the love of GOD, which is the end.”

As I approached today’s collage, I realized I was depending on a certain practice rather than just loving GOD.

I picked up some colorful “gelato” color making tools nearby, and a fallen leaf inspired me to simply color and play on the page.




“Gelatos” are like creamy oil pastels. This brand comes in these chapstick like tubes and you can color with them right onto the page, and then blend them in with water or your fingers.

Here’s my love offering with ART to GOD.


And His love note to me and you: “. . . continue ye in my love.” (John 15:9 KJV)

One response to “GOD+ART (DAY 29)”

  1. Love the beauty and wisdom here, Kel. ANd I am enamored w/ the product suggestions (like those oil crayons you told me about). Gelato sticks. Marvelous! I *ate* gelato last night! Does that count??

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