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Praise the Lord!

Let all that I am praise the Lord.

(Psalm 146:1 NLT)

“That in this conversation with GOD, we are also employed in praising, adoring, and loving Him incessantly, for His infinite goodness and perfection.” (Brother Lawrence)


I had this idea to make a “praise” collage. I was going to look for words in my magazines to create an “a to z” list of God’s attributes and names. That was a bit ambitious, so I looked for a few images instead. And then, I remembered the bookmark with the names of Jesus, so I glued it down.

As I prepared the page with yellow, purple and red inks, I enjoyed praising God with colors. I had a stamp with the whole alphabet, which I stamped randomly on the page. Starting with a simple background for a collage can be fun, but not necessary. The images of the bread and a cup remind me of communion. And the names of Jesus bookmark become a reference point to focus my praise on His character.


What is your favorite way to praise God?

When was the last time you made an “A to Z” list of God’s goodness?

2 responses to “PRAISE”

  1. Actually, I praise Him best when I sing–especially Bach and Handel. I’m practicing BAch daily at home, and am taking Messiah with me in my car. I know all the solos and choruse by heart, and it’s easier because Handel wrote in English! =] So, it’s a praise fest, because the words are pure Scripture.

    1. Lynni- What a wonderful way to praise God…what a wonderful gift He has bestowed upon you!

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