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Let my soul be at rest again,
    for the Lord has been good to me. (Psalm 116:7 NLT)

Praying for others is a powerful way to love them. When words escape me, I have learned to “pray in color.” (Sybil Macbeth wrote a wonderful book on this concept called Praying in Color.) Some times, I use her doodling idea and other times, I make a collage prayer.

Today, I was praying for my sweet and creative friend, Kelly. I picked out a copy of Dwell magazine from my stash. As I flipped through the pages, I “listened” to the Spirit with my eyes, tearing out a word here and an image there. I ended up with about 10-12 items. As I sorted through them, I noticed a theme emerging.

Kelly has a deep and passionate heart for her family, and the first word I found was “family,” then on the next page were the words “coming home.” Kelly hosts a blog called The Prodigal Mom, and she longs for all the lost ones to come home to their heavenly Father.

So it made sense, when this collage became infused with images and words about home. And I love the silhouette of the two hikers travelling. Kelly and I love adventuring and praying together. It was a joy to intercede for her and her family today with this collage.


Then fun thing about praying this way is sharing it with the person that I pray for, because often God speaks to them through the words and images in ways that I hadn’t considered.

Prayers that were prompted by this finished collage included that God would “raise up the foundations of many generations” (Isaiah 58:12 ESV). I prayed that her children would “be in good company” and everyone in her extended family would come home to GOD. And in faith, I asked God to give her “the home of your dreams,” i.e., spiritually, relationally and physically. The overall intent of my prayer was that Kelly would “dwell in the love” of God.

In reading one of Brother Lawrence’s letters today, his encouragement to his friend, seemed just right for Kelly and me, too.

“Take courage, offer Him your pains incessantly, pray for Him for strength to endure them. Above all, get a habit of entertaining yourself often with GOD, and forget Him the least you can. Adore Him in your infirmities, offer yourself to Him …and, in the height of your sufferings, beseech Him humbly and affectionately (as a child his father) to make you conformable to His holy will. I shall endeavor to assist you with my poor prayers.”

When I was talking with Kelly today, she reminded me that sometimes living by faith is hard, but it’s the only way to love God. Her words closely mirrored another thought Brother Lawrence shared in the same letter:

“GOD has many ways of drawing us to Himself. He sometimes hides Himself from us: but faith alone, which will not fail us in time of need, ought to be our support, and the foundation of our confidence, which must be all in GOD.”

How do you like to pray for your friends and family? Have you ever tried “praying in color”?

8 responses to “GOD+ART (DAY 6)”

  1. Kel, I was thinking of Kelly so very strongly today, praying all is well w/ her, and knowing I need to email her. This is a confirmation of that, but also that God can transcend our prayers by drawing others into them unaware. At your recommendation, I did read MacBeth’s book several years ago, and only tried that once; but the images are strong in my mind of those I drew when praying for my aunt and cousin. Both died shortly thereafter. It was as if God was burdening my heart for them and wanted me to express my love in images that words could not possibly convey. I treasure those drawings. Thank you for this lovely entry and this gorgeous collage.

    1. Lynni- I love how God’s Spirit unites us in prayer in various ways! Yes that’s what I like about praying in color or in a journal…we have a record of our prayers…and a visual reminder in our memory…

  2. Praying in color is something we taught in my church’s GEMS Girls Club a few years ago. It was a great way to allow those elementary-age girls to “doodle”, but keep it focused. I love your collage!

    1. Carrie- I love connecting with the invisible God with visible means! I am enjoying your series on the newest picture books at the library.

  3. Oh Kel! How blessed am I to have a friend who prays for me with such diligence and faith. You never fail to bless me with your demonstrative love, your wisdom from God, your brilliant ideas of exploring God the creator through creation, your love for words, love for people, hospitable nature, your adventurous side, and your great love for God’s word and communion with Him. How blessed I am to have you intercede for me and my family. Your prayers are always so rich in His grace and wisdom, His promises that encourage and spur me on to greater hope and perseverance. I love you my friend! I just love you! And this collage – how beautiful as it resonates with my heart’s cry! Thank you my beloved sister in Christ! You are the best ❤

    1. You’re the best! And GOD is the best to connect us and let our lives intersect through intercession and adventures! Love you my friend! You gave me an idea to pray for all my readers with a collage prayer…I wonder what God will put on my heart for them! I am loving this creative way to express my devotion!

  4. Kel, would you believe someone just gave me the Praying In Color book a few weeks ago? I had confessed I struggled to pay attention to our groups prayer time, and she knows my way of thinking and sent this to me. I really am enjoying your ideas on incorporating faith and art. Looking forward to more

  5. expectantlylistening Avatar

    I loved reading how you were led in your choice of images and words; an amazing way to pray for someone. I bought a copy of the kid’s Praying in Colour this summer and plan to use it during Advent at our Sunday School and at home. This image must be so precious to Kelly – it has so much meaning, encouragement, and love in it. What a gift!

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