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Grief Observed

Think straight. Awaken to the holiness of life. No more playing fast and loose with resurrection facts. Ignorance of God is a luxury you can’t afford in times like these. . .

(1 Corinthians 15:34 The Message)


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Death has been knocking on many doors this month. My uncle. My friend’s husband. My sister’s grandfather-in-law. A high school friend lost her father. A good friend suddenly lost her neighbor and good friend. The shocking news of blow after blow of death has my heart reeling and I can’t even imagine the sting these dear family and friends are enduring.

Yet death does not get the last word. Resurrection does! Death is a door into victory according to Jesus and His triumph.

Yet the pain of death is real, and even with the great comfort of God’s promise that death has been defeated, I need to observe the grief. Feel it. Cry it out. Let it be.

One way that I process my feelings is through writing. So I decided to write another abc poem to help pour out some of my feelings into words.




Crying Out




Giving up


Inside myself

Jumbled feelings

Killing desire




Opportunity to

Pour out

Questions, and needing

Relief . . . rest.

Space to

Unwind, to

View life

With God’s

Xpertise and perspective.

Yielding to peaceful moments, allowing God to restore

Zest to my life.

(Zest means a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm. So often grief robs us of the ability to enjoy daily life. Enthusiasm is God breathing in us. He helps us to observe grief in light of His unwavering love.)



2 responses to “Grief Observed”

  1. Kel,

    I love your abc poems so much. They really impact me almost every time!

    1. thanks Tracy! I am amazed at how the words flow when I use this method!

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