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Journaling Companions {and RJD Link-UP}

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The Master declares, “I’m A to Z. I’m The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive. I’m the Sovereign-Strong.” (Revelation 1:8 The Message)


I love the alphabet because it provides fodder for me to make words, and then the words get to become sentences, and sentences grown into paragraphs, and paragraphs create stories. I find it interesting that Jesus declares that He is the “Alpha and Omega.” Sure, it means He’s the Beginning and the End, but it means He identified Himself with a building block of language. Just a random musing, which leads me to my offering for Random Journal Day!

I’m late, but I’m here and hopefully Dawn will grace my late entry. (Pretty please with sugar on top!)

So this is probably not a first, but I am sharing my journal entry from today. I took my new journal to church this morning because once a month I meet with these dear journaling sisters led by our mentor sister, Mary Ann. She brings us an inspirational prompt, we write furiously for 20 minutes or so, then we pour out our hearts, our tears and our hopes with one another through our written words.

Today was no different, she brought us blank sheets lined with the alphabet on the side, so we could journal using one of Lynn Morrissey’s favorite techniques: the alphabet poem.

But before we started those, I asked if I could read Lynn’s post from today’s RJD Link-Up, which of course, we did! We each drew our own version of the tree prompt. Here’s mine.


photo 1-009

I had a bit of difficulty writing one word, but the challenge revealed interesting topics. We were on our boat yesterday, so that is the reference of “going through locks” which are on the Mississippi river. I scribbled other notes, like send link of Lynn’s post to group, a list of Mary Ann’s favorite authors, a note about a class at church, and the devotional book Mary Ann shared today: His Unfolding Grace which contains compiled topical Scriptures.

It was fun today to be in the company of Lynn, Dawn and Mary Ann through our common interest and passion for journaling. And now I get to be with you all through RJD! P.S. Go read Lynn’s post and prompt at Dawn’s blog and enter to win a copy of her great book on writing Love Letters to God!

Before I go, let me share one of the Alphabet poems I wrote today.


Anticipating . . .

Baskets of fresh picked apples like

Choices of healing.

Delving into

Eternal truths in order to be

Filled with fruits of love, joy, peace

Gentleness, kindness, faithfulness

Healing forgiveness, goodness and temperance.

I look forward to



Love in

My heart.

New season



Questions of life.

Relaxing in the autumn


Taking chances,

Uncovering adventures in daily life,

Venturing out—

Waiting and trusting God’s most

Xcellent ways.

Yielding to His pace,

Zealous for His grace.

11 responses to “Journaling Companions {and RJD Link-UP}”

  1. Awesome! Love the alphabet poem and your tree. I have some catching up to do!

    1. Isn’t it nice to have some prompts to spur us on in our journaling adventures!

  2. That is awesome! Of course you are welcome to link- and it is up through Monday! No worries. I love the alphabet prompt. I did that earlier this year with my Writer’s Groups and just came up with this fun surprising bunch of words that made sense! I wish I had a group of journalers to meet with once a month…something to ponder. I mean I do meet up and you all BUT in persone. Maybe we can just have a journaling retreat!

  3. PS, I love the Paris cover- is that a journal cover? ANd your doodles…and words.

    1. Dawn- between RJD and the monthy journaling group, I’m very inspired to keep journaling and to celebrate the benefits of our practice! Yes the cover is from a beautiful journal I received from a friend on my birthday!

  4. I’m with you on that journaling retreat, Dawn! Kel and I are praying! Kel, I love this, and it is so marvelous to see my prompt growing right on your screen! That is so neat. Another thing I’ve done with a “tree visual,” is to draw a tree with branches and roots. I indicate on each root in what my heart and life are rooted, such as God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, prayer, etc. Then on the branches I have written the many ways I want to branch out in life. On one tree, I wrote journaling workshops, and, indeed, years later, I led them! =] Of course, you know that I adore abc poems or alpha poem or the official name for them is abecedarian! How’s that for a great addition to your readers’ vocabulary. You and I adore words! These poem (for most people) flow very quickly, and access a part of the brain that causes you to think in new ways, making word and concept associations you woudln’t have otherwise. Generally one can write them very quickly. And what I love, too, is that they make perfect gifts. I give them for birthdays, in memorium to a familiy member of the deceased, for births, and other congratulatory gifts. Generally, the acrostic is formed by the person’s full name, but sometimes I might use a short phrase that has meaning for the person. Then I frame them and wrap them for presentation. I’ve not yet had anyone not appreciate this one-of-a-kind gift! And you are a one-of-a-kind friend. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your wonderful poem, your creative created mind, and the link to my book. And at our next SB date, let’s talk about Mary Ann’s group. It sounds wonderful. Please give her my love!

    1. Lynni- I love the idea of a tree with roots and branches of where I hope to expand or express myself as I am rooted in God’s love…praying about the retreat…I wonder what God will unfold for us…maybe the RJDers could join us! Love and hugs! Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement…and the link to the Eiffel Tower! Fun!

      1. Now, Kel, we’ve got to work on that French–it’s la Tour Eiffel Ipronounced EE-FELL)! Little joke! Can’t believe you said that, b/c I had been thinking about the RJD’ers too when peo. were mentioning wishing they could take a journaling class! I’m dreaming of fall 2015 at the foot of the mountains. =]

  5. And I LOVE laTour Eiffel!

  6. “I am the God about to arrive.” What a great translation. You are an inspiration.

    1. Jody- I liked that phrase too…I need to keep in mind that God is about to arrive any day now…oh may it be soon! I loved your post about your teaching experience recently.

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