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Mine: That Which Belongs To Me

But now thus says the Lord,
he who created you, O Jacob,
he who formed you, O Israel:
Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name, you are mine.
(Isaiah 43:1 ESV)


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I was putting in my earrings, when I noticed this beautiful necklace puddled on my dresser. How did that get there? I had lost the necklace a few years ago, figuring it was either in Scotland or New Jersey. I had searched pockets in suitcases and the corners of my drawers to no avail. I had given the necklace up for lost.

Every once in awhile, I would wonder where I left it. It made me so sad to lose it, even though I have other necklaces. This particular one had a story.

My husband was travelling out of town quite a bit, when our boys were in grade school. And he happened to be gone on Valentine’s one year. I asked him not to get me anything, especially a heart pendant, because I already had others that I hardly wore.

At this same time one of the boys had a crush on a girl in his class. He’s the romantic type and wanted to give her a gift, which I lovingly discouraged. I told him it would be too much to give a girl a gift at this age. For some motherly reason, I was looking in his desk drawer, when I found this beautfully wrapped box and a card with Kelly on it. My name is Kelly, and so was the girl that he liked. So I jumped to a conclusion.

My romantic son must have disregarded my advice. When he got home that afternoon, I brought him the evidence. He laughed. And then told me that he was supposed to give me the box on Valentine’s day and the card was for the girl. I called my husband to lovingly scold him for buying me a gift. Of course, I was pleased and loved the heart pendant necklace.

So to find it on my dresser now was quite the surprise. The timing of its found-ness could only have been orchestrated by God. I have been feeling misplaced myself these days. I’m not the mother of young children anymore. My husband and I have become like old, well-worn shoes that we’d never give up. And so I’ve wondered to myself, where do I belong?

I took my necklace and placed it around my neck. I sat down in my comfy chair. Picked up Jesus Calling and read: YOU ARE MINE. A perfect day for a necklace to be found. I held the heart in my hand, comforted by God, whose I am.

The necklace that God inspired my husband to buy and my son to hide and give to me on that Valentine’s day so many years ago, and the necklace that I thought was lost, but was tucked deep in the pocket of a suitcase, which by the way, the same son was rumaging through and found the necklace, and placed it on my dresser.

Now that necklace will always remind me that I am God’s and He is mine forever. I always belong to God!

6 responses to “Mine: That Which Belongs To Me”

  1. Kel,

    Love this! Very tender and dear and oh so true! Love you, Marijo

    1. Marijp- so Thankful for God’s tender love!

  2. Love when God work so hard to let us know we are loved. Feeling same way with my kids lol. We are so a like love you friend!!

    1. Lesley- It is such an honor to be loved by God! Thanks for your friendship!

  3. Love this story. Glad we belong to each other and we are His. Love you friend.

    1. It’s great to belong to the family of God. Glad we are sisters!

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