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Random Journal Day Link-Up and A Giveaway

photo 1-001Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB)

Over the years I have found my journal to be a place, where I cultivate trust. Today, I am linking with Dawn and others who love journaling! I am the guest “hostess.” I will be giving away a copy of my book: Defining Moments and a blank art journal. Head over there and leave a comment or link-up with a brave offering from your journal to enter the giveaway.

For RJD, I decided to share from one of my earliest journals. The entries are from 1985-1986. In the spring of 1986 I began asking myself if I was falling in love.

Looking back makes me smile, as I read about whether or not Les was the “kinda guy” for me. (We will have been married for 28 years in October!)

23 Feb 86

Another area that I haven’t shared here in my place of deepest desires and emotions [my journal] is my relationship with Les Rohlf. I guess I’ll start from the beginning…

[I’ll leave out some of the boring parts.]

I’ve known Les since I got here in July. [We both were stationed at Laughlin AFB, TX.] The first time we talked at length was after the Oct. conference. It ended up [just] Les and I riding back together. At the time I didn’t think Les was the kinda guy I would be interested in.

In a way its really interesting how our friendship has been developing. [really the next parts aren’t interesting…we rode together to San Antonio one weekend, we went on a double date, etc]

[I write about how I committed my feelings for Les to God. And how I like being with him. Then I write about my fears…]

Fears…at this time are that although everything is low key…my heart of hearts becomes anxious and desires more. I’m not sure exactly why. Is it because I’m in love with love or in love with Les? I want to be sure it’s not the first because that’s not fair to Les. How can I be sure Lord that Les is the one? Why do I keep thinking about that? Do I just want to love someone? No! I want to love the person You give me. I know I choose to continue to date Les, but it’s because I really enjoy his company and friendship. Sometimes I truly want to meet his needs. And he makes me feel secure and trusted. He’s very patient and understanding.

I commit this to you, O Lord, because you promise to lead me in the straight and narrow way. I trust you!

[I love how the journaling “conversation” leads to an expression of trust in the Lord!]

Here’s another except that confirms to me that Les is the one!


It was fun to go back in time, and once again see God’s faithfulness in bringing Les and I together. Our journals are a great place to converse with God over the little and the big decisions of life!

Don’t forget to check out the RJD Link-Up and enter the giveaway!

13 responses to “Random Journal Day Link-Up and A Giveaway”

  1. Wow, it was great to read this post today. I was wrestling with trust this morning. It is awesome to look back in a personal journal and be reminded that everything I commit to the Lord has worked for my good. Thanks for this post Kel! And congrats on 28 years with your guy!

    1. Thanks Tracy! As we talked recently journaling and writing are great tools for self-coaching and encouraging us to celebrate our progress and of course God’s faithfulness!

  2. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Love this, Kel! Aren’t you glad that you have saved most of your journals? So neat that you should mention this about your beloved Les (whom I have met and can see what a treasure he is–great match of God, you two)! ANYWAY, as you know, I am decluttering books and papers right now (which may take my whole remaining lifetime!), BUT I found the neatest outpouring of my sixteen-year-old self about my Michael. These reflections were written onto notepaper and not in an official journa., but this was journaling nonetheless. It was so thrilling to me now to read about the thrill of young love. Of course, I didn’t know I loved him (and likely didn’t at that young age), but my writing was a way to explore my feelings, and now, a tangible record of how, yes, God was at work in my heart, and I believe in retrospect, that He put that attraction there for the one who is now my husband! I love all you say here, Kel!

    1. Lynni- It’s great to share this passion for recording our lives, emotions and journeys that are filled with God’s loving care and trustworthiness! So glad you found that letter…the fruit of decluttering!

  3. Such a sweet memory! It’s an amazing gift we have this trust in God…how lucky are we!

    1. Amen Dawn! Written memories are so fascinating and we can see ourselves grow and change!

  4. Love this share! And especially the way you say at the end it comes full circle affirming your trust in God. I really believe we who have The HS withing get to see that show up in our journals much the way David did in His psalms. I have the luxury (embarassment?) of journals before my conversion to show exactly what I look like as a faith-less writer. Oh the journey of the soul is an amazing thing from darkness to light to babysteps learning to trust, walk, and keep on walking reliant on Him is a precious one, indeed! Thanks for taking the time To show up and Guest Host today! So blessed by your portion and the generous giveaway!

    1. Dawn- It’s a joy to share our passion for jouranling and our the stories of God’s faithfulness in every aspect of our lives! I am loving your 21 Days of Journaling in June…a few days behind but reaping the fruit of journaling! Thanks!

  5. What an awesome story. Love how our journals can be that way…although to be honest, mine sometimes contain more complaints or questions than statements of truth. But I love it any way when I can look back and see how I have grown. Thanks for hosting. 🙂

    1. Yes to see growth in my journal brings me great joy! Thanks for stopping by Deanna!

  6. This is very familiar, Kel. The beginning of your story rings with God–that you wonder and ponder and imagine Les fitting into your life, but also am awed by the very FACT of him in the world. That there is a person like him–so considerate, etc–is a joy. That’s where the knowing older person begins to suspect God’s at work in the romance. I love His romances. I love how HE orchestrates things so that lives dovetail in just the right way. My life has a similar arc. Oh, and I loved learning more about your journal-keeping journey.

    1. Thanks Carolyn for stopping by…it was fun to read about your “romance” and how God put his beautiful touches on you and Beve’s story! I am truly humbled and grateful that God cared enough to bring me to Les and him to me!

  7. really beautiful post! Trust in him! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

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