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(re)visit: to consider or take up again {and RJD Link-Up}

Now go and write down these words.
    Write them in a book.
They will stand until the end of time
    as a witness.

(Isaiah 30:8 NLT)

photo 2

Today, I’m joining up with my favorite journal keepers Dawn and Susie over at the Random Journal Day Link-Up. I randomly chose this journal. It was fun to look at how I decorated the cover with summer themed stickers. Summer brings out the kid in me!

One thing, I like about keeping a journal is that I can revist it anytime I want. When I consider where I “was at” in my life on a certain day, I get to see how far I’ve come or not come in personal progress.

Here’s where I visited:.

Friday, May 6, 2011 (Almost three years ago)

I feel tired. I walked with T in the am. Gave energy to tutoring Latin. More energy to walking again with K. Energy to shopping and putting thought into a box for Scotland [my sister and her family were living there at the time.] I always want to put so much into the box. I wish I could deliver it myself. This time last year I was getting ready for the adventure to Scotland. I wish I could go back–but I have new adventures this summer–work on Bellerive [Honors College Literary publication] –finishing work–projecting work–discovery work–restful times and active times.  B comes home Tuesday. Another soul to interact and fuse with…new dynamics.

As I revist this entry, I notice that while my circumstances have shifted, living takes energy. Relationships matter. Walking is good. Work is good. New adventures and new dynamics continue to beckon me to keep living and breathing and moving.

On one corner of the page, I pasted this quote:

photo 1

A defining moment! Looking back I can see that my experiences in 2011 foreshadowed where I am today. On the next page, I made the declaration that I wanted to be part of the journaling revolution, a clarion call from my friend and journaling mentor, Lynn Morrissey. Three year laters I am part of the revolution, sharing here with RJD and teaching classes that incorporate journaling techniques combined with collage and mixed-media art.

And one of my greatest passions lately has been inviting others to “Be YOU!” How amazing that this germ of an idea would come to fruition three years later.

God values the written word and He instills beauty in each of us. Let’s celebrate and proclaim His goodness in words and all kinds of mark making. Let’s leave our imprint on this world, in such a way that it causes others to come closer and examine for themselves this strange sight of personhood spilling over on to page and screen.

Linking with RJD.





11 responses to “(re)visit: to consider or take up again {and RJD Link-Up}”

  1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Kel, this is wonderful, and yes, that is one thing I love about journaling! Recording our lives allows us to revisit them in minute detail. We’d forget the beautiful nuances otherwise–at least *I* would! And you know my motto: “A life worth living is worth recording”! I know you live by that, too. Imagine my complete surprise for my name to be mentioned as you join the journaling revolution! I note, too, that you quote *my* mentor, Kathleen Adams, journaling pioneer and expert and founder of The Center for Journal Therapy in Denver. I love her book, Journal to the Self, from where the quote you’ve noted comes. She takes journaling to the ultimate degree, and her approach has been revolutionizing in my own life. I’m thrilled you are taking up the cause, and I love your classes. I’m so sorry I couldn’t attend today. I know it was wonderful and my loss!
    Keep on journaling. Yes, God loves it when we write to Him about the gift of our lives.

    1. Lynni- I will ever be grateful for the tools you’ve shared with me to jump start and keep me journaling…and now teaching others to capture their lives and hopes and dreams in journals and on canvas with collage and mixed-media art! So sorry you were unable to attend yesterday but we have more adventures ahead!

  2. It is a wonderful gift to go back and revisit our old selves and know the blessings of God’s work in our lives through the years and how exciting to see your dreams coming to real life!

    1. Thanks Dawn! It is fun to see progress through the eyes of our journals!

  3. Hi Kel,
    You being YOU, encouraging others to be THEM through your art/journal classes, being mindful of Isaiah’s urging to let your written words and defining moments stand as witness to your life of faith and service — that’s a powerful combination. What a Sunday treat to come across your blog. Thank you! and Write On!
    –Kathleen Adams, author, Journal to the Self

    1. Kathleen- What an honor to have you stop by. As I mentioned, and Lynn Morrissey does, your book and teachings on journaling have revolutionized my life…transformed it! I will keep writing…maybe one day I can come to Denver to be trained myself like Lynn has. She is a great mentor and we applaud your work! Glad YOU are YOU!

  4. Keli! How blessed I am each time you share. Truly both you and Lynn bless me and I just think back to the days I, in solitude, kept my journal, sought books by other journal keepers and fellow sojourners. Now years after first discovering Lynn’s book (which is in my favorite forever pile) I find you through blogging and continue to rejoice in how God kind of connected us and also that connection to Lynn- of course you know her, I have only known and loved her (and you ) through reading her words… yet know we are kindred spirits. Of course I have owned Kathleen ‘s book for years. I actually had to rebuy it as I gave away many of my books years ago. Living, breathing , moving and defining moments, yes to all- and how I love your meandering insights. A true joy to journey with you! Next retreat, I “call” you and Lynn! lol. I want you both all to myself for a day! What fun.

    1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

      Oh, Dawn, I was just reading comments at Kel’s and found your incredibly sweet words to me. What a joy! Thank you so much. I’m so glad that my book, Love Letters to God, resonates with you. What a high compliment. And I love your passion for Jesus and journaling. Surely, He has lit you on fire about writing your words and prayers to Him. And I love your new site. It’s quite lovely. Kel and I did a workshop together recently, and how we would love you there. I think it WILL happen!
      PS Would you email me at I’d love to ask you about your fitness passions, too.

    2. Oh Dawn! I am amazed how God weaves our lives together! I can’t wait until the day when we will all meet together…in person…I hope before heaven…we will see what God has in store! I am ever grateful to share our love of journaling…let’s keep the fires burning and pass the passion on to all we meet! Love and hugs from your kindred spirit sister…Kel

  5. Sigh…..Loved the class yesterday. And you know I am the come-along-lately product of your mentoring and Lynni’s simply through your gift offerings and friendship. The rest just naturally flows as if overflowing with life-giving words. So grateful for you both. XXXOOO

    1. Grateful for you my sista! Love sharing life, prayers, words, writing and all the God pours into us! See you soon. hugs! Kel

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