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un(tangle): to loose from entanglements; to separate

“. . . let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” (Hebrews 12:1)


Where do you turn when you need to untangle confusing thoughts, uncontrollable emotions, untethered desires or unruly doubts?

I turn to my journal. So today, I am joining with Dawn and Susie as we dive into a random journal and share what was unfolding in our lives at that time. I like to do this because it reminds me of the importance of dialoguing with God about life and its tangled mess. Also when I reread an entry, I recall His faithfulness and the value of keeping a journal.

Today, I closed my eyes and picked a journal from the shelf.


Then randomly opened the page to an entry from Tuesday, May 12, 2009:


Here’s what I was musing about on that day, about five years ago:

Ten years ago I wrote out where we would be in ten years. And here we are [ten years later] B. graduating from high school- K. looking for his path- Will he be a preacher man or a salesman or a worker man? A godly man is my greatest desire. A man who loves and pursues You with all his heart. Who takes risks for You and lives by faith. And B, too.

[Then I made a chart with our ages then and ten years out and where we might be…]

Interestingly enough, I had myself pursuing a Masters degree…something to pray about! Not there yet 🙂

On the opposite page, my prayer for the boys transitions into praise and affirmation of God:

God- You are faithful and deserve my full trust. You are the director of our paths. You do direct me and continue to lead me on paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. I want to stay on the path of making you known-that your love and reputation would be renown the world over. [Then I made a list of God’s names]

Charter of the Course, Designer of the Dream, Renewer of Promises, Faithful One–Help me to be your faithful follower.

This random entry really encourages me today, and untangles some doubts I have been entertaining about God’s direction for my life currently and it assures me that I do want to be a faithful follower of God!

By the way, the ten year outlook exercise can be sobering, but also gives direction to the path. I am glad God prompted me to make the list in order to see that He alone directs our path. We are on His path, and I am glad to report that both of our sons are growing into faithful followers of God. Thanks be to God! ( I can’t believe we’ve come halfway from this journal entry…where will we be in five years? God only knows and for that I am grateful.)

Happy Journaling! Random Journal Day Link-Up

7 responses to “un(tangle): to loose from entanglements; to separate”

  1. This reminds me of the many times I dreamed, planned and prayed for my children and their paths. The lists I made about where they’d be (I’m not quite a chart person, but bullet points, oh yeah!)…and now, my children are in the second half of their 20s, and not one of them is quite where I envisioned. Nor are my husband and I. Some things are so much better, I could hardly have dreamed. Some things have been tangled, pain-filled path no one asks for. Yet. Yet, looking back, I can see that HE has been in it all.
    PS, I got my Masters (a Masters in Biblical Theology, actually) but because of physical/chronic pain haven’t been able to work. Odd how life turns. But I praise Him. That’s the point, isn’t it? That’s what you’re getting at. That’s the blessing of these journals, and these journal days–that we look back and thank Him that He was in the journey no matter where it took us.

    1. Carolyn- I so appreciate your honesty here! Yes the turns can be pain-filled, but God does use the pain to draw us closer to Him and I love meeting with him in our journals and seeing the progress even if isn’t what I expected. Praise be to God! I am thankful to be on this journey together.

      1. Both of you bless me with these comments! Kel, Praising God, that He crossed our paths!

    2. Carolyn, You inspire me… which leads me back to the point…your point- Yes, looking back and highlighting His faithfulness despite our own is s key to these days! Thanks for that beautiful reminder!

  2. A great reminder that He is ever in control of our plans and destinies and also that we can fully trust Him because He is always faithful!

    PS: I still have the links to 28 Days and plan to dive in at some point! 🙂

    1. Dawn- Yes we can fully trust our Faithful Father! I plan to relaunch the 28 Days as a 28 Week Adventure after Easter…Using the same prompts and art journaling links with some added prompts and tweaks! So look for the invitation to join in soon…

  3. Kel, oh your creativity truly blesses me. I have done all those kinds of charts… plans, as if prospecting in the land… and who knows what will be? He does, And I love the way you, in your reflecting see His hand directing the steps. I love that (I am thinking of Proverbs 16:3- but that is not it… it’s the other verse – in His heart a man plans His ways, but the Lord directs His steps… will have to find it’s address!). Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiration !

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