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Thus says the Lord of hosts: The fast of the fourth month and the fast of the fifth and the fast of the seventh and the fast of the tenth shall be to the house of Judah seasons of joy and gladness and cheerful feasts. Therefore love truth and peace. (Zechariah 8:19 ESV)

Holy Spirit, think through me till your ideas are my ideas. (Amy Carmichael)

I want Jesus. (the dying words of Mother Teresa)

I am not giving up donuts or coffee for Lent. As a matter of fact, I am not going to abstain from anything in particular. I am observing un(Lent) this year. This may seem like an unconventional attitude to have during a fast season, but I sense God calling me to feast, rather than fast. To lengthen my reach, rather than reign it in. To practice generosity and abundance, rather than miserly asceticism.

I want to practice the meaning of “un” during this 40 day journey.

“Un” is used as a prefix before adjectives, nouns and verbs. The most interesting meaning is its use with verbs. When combined with a verb there is a nuance of release, such as unburden or unhand. This season instead of abstaining from something, I need to be released from my meager expectations of God. I sense Him inviting me to receive; to love His truth and peace. To embrace the joyful knowledge and experience of His unfailing love!

I still want to practice praying, alms-giving and fasting, but in an unassuming way, like Jesus taught in Matthew 6:1-18.

Instead of being unfulfilled, I long to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Instead of being unmoved, I desired to be thrilled by God’s presence.

Instead of being unable, I want to be strengthened by Jesus’ love.

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14 responses to “un(Lent)”

  1. You are a breath of beautiful fresh air, my friend! Happy Un-Lent! May Jesus be enlarged, to HIs most magnificent proportions, and fill you to overflowing by His gracious, merciful Spirit. HUgs!

    1. Dawn- It’s good to be back to writing…I love art too but writing is my passion! And Jesus pours the words through to encourage me and unburden us! Love and hugs! And thanks for the prayers!

      1. I hope you will join us for Random Journal Day, Kel- I really love having you in our community!

    2. Undoubtedly…I will be posting something unusual for Random Journal Day! Love the community there, too! Thanks for your unabashed passion for journaling and life!

      1. Right back at you, my friend!

  2. I love the idea of (un)Lent. The tug of war between taking off and putting on … the right things.


    1. Glenda- Yes it is a taking off and putting on! Release and receive…I’m sure the Holy Spirit will unveil His truth an peace this season!

  3. I think this is beautiful. Being raised in a liturgical church, this unLent takes a bit of getting used to, but I see how God could totally work in this way. He knows the exact condition of our heart and how to bless it — how to bring fulfillment and grace and generosity. Another SDG sister wrote about feasting, too. Here’s her post:

    1. Jen- I was not raised liturgically, but I love liturgy and have been observing Lent in various ways over the past several years…this year just a bit more unconventionally 🙂 And I love word play, so I look forward to how Jesus unleashes His creativity through “un” words this season. Thanks for the link…off to read it! Thank you for offering the SDG community, where we can share our undivided devotion to Jesus! Blessings-Kel

  4. Oh, this is powerful for me as I, too, want to draw closer to the One Who created me, to be unleashed from the things of this world that hold tightly to my neck, to be filled with the Holy Spirit (as Amy Carmichael prayed [a prayer sentence I shall copy to my “quotes”]), and to ponder this “un”…. I am so thankful that you came by Being Woven for your kind words drew me here.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Linda- It always amazes me how the Spirit weaves our hearts toward a theme…your word unleash was on my heart today, and another friend mentioned it as well…I have me next unword for the journey. Thanks! I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more of your journey.

  5. Wow–I’m so glad I’m reading this because I haven’t felt particularly called to fast from anything this year either. And “feast” has really been what I’m thinking about. Love, love, love this!

    1. Lisa- Your words give me courage to keep seeking God’s call to feast…to know others are sensing this, too…God’s ways are unlike any other!

  6. […] began this adventure of un(Lent). Last week, I was unable to post any of my “un” sightings. We were celebrating the […]

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