Necessity: Pressure of Circumstance

Give us this day our daily bread (Matthew 6:11 ESV)


It has been my tradition for many years now to make homemade bagels on snow days. Lately it seems like we’ve been eating a lot of bagels. But I love the process and the product, so I wanted to make bagels today. I looked in the pantry. Only a small amount of flour was left in the bag. It was not only icy and snowy; it was too cold for me to walk over to my mom’s to borrow some. So the pressure of my circumstance led to an invention of sorts.

Today, I created my first ever batch of Mixed-Media Bagels. I pulled out old fashioned oats, wheat germ, wheat bran and ground flax seed. I read online that I could substitute these items for flour. So I ground the oats in the food processor, measured out the grains and added everything to my 2 cups of flour. As I was mixing the dough, I thought, I really need more flour. I called over to my mom’s to see if my niece would bring me some of theirs, as I was committed to these particular bagels by now.

Right after I hung up the phone, I went back to the mixer and noticed a full bag of flour on the shelf below my workstation. I could have had plain whole wheat bagels! I cancelled the rush order of flour from my mom. Laughed at myself, while I continued with my mixed up bagel dough, which for more texture, I added sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and pepitas. My artistry was pouring into these bagels.

I find it interesting that in my moment of supposed lack, God led me to a need I didn’t even know that I had this morning. I needed to be creative. I learned that I could USE other ingredients to make a tasty, healthy bagel. If I had seen the full bag of flour, I wouldn’t have stretched myself. I could have given up or bundled up and went out for flour, but the challenge led me to a new discovery.

God delights to see us learn and grow. I am glad that I didn’t spy the full bag of flour today! God knew that my bread of need for this very day was to discover new ways to use what I had and to see His creative hand pouring into the very details of my life!

What necessity has God ordained in your life that has led to a new invention or creative discovery?

If you’d like a copy of the new Mixed-Media Bagel recipe, send me an email at and I’ll get it out to you. If you haven’t subscribed to Nourishment for the Soul, will you consider it today? I promise to send you nourishing spiritual truths to chew on regularly!

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8 thoughts on “Necessity: Pressure of Circumstance

    1. Thanks for stopping by…God makes me smile, especially when thing like this happen…It reminds me that He is REAL! And He delights to teach us and stretch us for our good and joy!

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