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Happening New Year

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever! (Psalm 118:29 ESV)


During the greeting time at church, we asked each other what resolutions we made for the New Year. I told my neighbor that my resolution was to make some resolutions. Listing goals and writing down “I resolve” statements just hasn’t happened yet. 

Other activities have happened, and each new day things happen. This is my “Happening New Year!” I’m just going to let things happen. If happiness crosses my path, I’ll greet it and give it a giant hug. If sorrow rolls in like a thunderstorm, I’ll take refuge in the shadow of the Almighty.

I am thankful for what I HAVE. I have my pile of books, journals and collage supplies near my comfy chair. I am sticking to the plan of USING what I HAVE!

Yesterday at our monthly journaling group, our wise mentor, Mary Ann, challenged us to think about this question, which she heard on a radio show during the week:

What if all we have tomorrow, is that which we gave thanks for today?

What a challenge! She set the timer for 7.5 minutes and we furiously captured in words all the things we are grateful for and that we wanted to HAVE again the next day. Thankfully, God’s provision doesn’t depend on our habit of giving thanks. But it was an eye opening exercise, and kind of fun at the same time. Made me think, what am I REALLY thankful about?

I am thankful for journals, writing, blogging and sharing insights here at Nourishment for the Soul. I am grateful for creative pursuits and a calendar full of art journaling classes, which I will be teaching in the next coming weeks. But most of all I am thankful for Jesus who loves me more than I can imagine and who delights in every little thing about me. 

What are you thankful for today?


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4 responses to “Happening New Year”

  1. Hi Kel, Love your pages as usual. I am actually doing a 30 Day Journal Challenge with Lisa Sonora Bean this month called Root. Have you heard of her or it? ANyway…I think it is up your alley. BUT, that quote, I actually had it on my fridge last year – I did a scrapbook layout of it. Powerful question! Wish me luck, tomorrow I am going for the first time to a local Writer’s Group. Praying I do not chicken out! There ar 1bout 30 ish altogether but 18-20 that show up weekly…they have homework weekly and meet weekly to read aloud and share. It pains me as well as intrigues me to consider reading aloud. ACK!

    1. Dawn- I hope you made it to the writer’s group…it’s a great risk and leap of faith, but you will be a light and God will meet you in your brave step! I heard about the Root Challenge from you! And I have been doing it, just haven’t posted anything. I love her book the Creative Entrepreneur and will be referencing it for my classes and my own business goals…thanks for introducing me to her.

  2. Too many things to count, but such a good exercise TO count! Today, I’ll leave it at 3: healthy children, a providing husband, and an amazing God.

    1. Jennifer- I am loving this practice of counting and celebrating and thanking God in all circumstances…it turns a dreary winter day into a balmy summer vacation!

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