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Thrilling Guest Thursday: Tracy Flori

Welcome Tracy Flori, as she shares how she overcomes the rush of the Holidays! At the end Tracy has a special teleclass  offer for  the New Year!



Silent Night , Holy Night

I swore I would never do it. I kept telling everyone all through Thanksgiving that it was never going to happen to me. But it did. There I was, on Black Friday morning, rushing from store to store, with my poor husband as my chauffer, so I could make better time as I dashed in and out.

So it began, not quite as I envisioned, but I was off and running through the Holiday season. One week later my shopping list IS shorter, but my joy and enthusiasm is also. If your life is like mine, it is probably anything but silent. As Christmas approaches it seems to be getting noisier. And with the “to-do-lists”, parties and preparations, it’s also easy to loose sight of the Holy in the Holi-days.

I tend to be the kind of person who optimistically jumps on the Holiday Express train believing the ride will be exciting, worth it, and we will all arrive at the correct destination on time. At some point during the mad dash, however, I find myself wanting to exclaim, “Stop the train, I want to get off!” I suddenly realize it’s a noisy, bumpy ride and I often find it going in the wrong direction.

How about you? Do you find yourself on the same train wanting to get off? Are you already missing the silent and holy in your holidays? If so and you would like to include them again in your Christmas experience, consider the following…

Restore – the reason for celebrating Christmas. As kids we dream about what it will be like on Christmas day. We imagine every possible best outcome. Why not do the same as adults? Having a clear idea of how we want to experience the holidays allows us to make choices now that will better ensure that outcome.

Renew – your heart and mind by scheduling a silent night this Christmas; an evening of blessed solitude and quiet. Besides allowing you time to recharge and reconnect to God, times of silence lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and makes you more emotionally resilient.

Revise – your to-do-list and your expectations. There is only so many ways the time pie can be sliced and unrealistic expectations are a sure recipe for disappointment. What needs to be eliminated or adjusted to ensure your Christmas experience honors what you value most?

Reflect – on the first Christmas, Emmanuel with us, and the holiness of that night. As children we are in awe of the wonder of Christmas Eve. Recapture that awe and wonder by returning to some of the sacred Christmas music, reading the account of Christ birth or watching movies like the Nativity.

The holidays mark the end of one year and the beginning of another with new opportunities and new beginnings in the New Year. If you are interested in having a better experience in 2014 then you did in 2013 I invite you to join my 4 session teleclass, New Year, New You starting in January. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

New Year, New You!

Create a Life Success Plan for 2014

Do you long for time and space to…

Learn about your strengths, values and passions?

Create a practical plan to advance beyond roadblocks in the New Year?

Grow in confidence to pursue your goals and be further ahead at the end of next year?

You are invited to join a four-week teleclass with like-minded people doing just that. I am facilitating an opportunity to use four powerful coaching tools in a small group coaching format to move you toward a new you in the New Year!

Week 1 – (Strengths) Receive a complimentary copy of the best selling Strength Finders 2.0, with an on-line assessment code to discover your natural talents and how to develop them.

Week 2 – (Values) Engage in a 3-part self-directed exercise to help you capture and articulate your Core Values, honor and align with them and experience greater life satisfaction.

Week 3 – (Balance) Assess your life balance by looking at 8 key areas and your level of satisfaction in each with a Life Assessment Wheel. Identify areas that may need more attention to bring things back into balance and get rolling again.

Week 4 – (Vision, Mission, Purpose) Create a personal vision, mission and purpose statement so you can clearly see what’s possible, know the steps to get there, and have the motivation to keep going.

DAYS: Mondays, January 13 – February 3, 2014

TIM:30-12:30 PM Central Time

LOCATION: Virtual, details to connect will be sent after registration

COST: $25 per session x 4 sessions total

Time and space are limited. Register here by typing “New Year, New You” in the message box. I would love for you to join us!

2014 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Tracy Flori.

Tracy Flori is a professional coach, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of TrueWay LLC, ( a life and leadership coaching organization. Tracy is professionally trained to administer and debrief various behavioral temperament and emotional intelligence assessments. Her passion is equipping leaders, teams and families with understanding and skills to advance their lives.

She can be reached by emailing,

Feel free to leave Tracy a comment.






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