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Welcome and Stay Tuned

Advent{ures} await us as we enter the new church year on December 1st. We will explore the favor of God and other themes, as the Spirit bids us come enter into the Presence of the Holy One!



“From now on I will tell you of new things,
of hidden things unknown to you.
They are created now, and not long ago;
you have not heard of them before today.
So you cannot say,
‘Yes, I knew of them.” (Isaiah 48:6-7 NIV)

2 responses to “Welcome and Stay Tuned”

  1. Looking forward to yet another advent (ure) with you friend!

    1. Kelly- Me too…I thought I was going in one direction…but the Word of God has His own ideas and words that will shape our journey…

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Hi! My name is Kel Rohlf. I am an intuitive mixed-media artist, creative writer and performer. Life is a performance. I often attend.


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