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Weary: Lacking Strength, Energy, or Freshness Because of a Need for Rest

The Sovereign Lord has given me his words of wisdom,
    so that I know how to comfort the weary.
Morning by morning he wakens me
    and opens my understanding to his will.
(Isaiah 50:4 NLT)

Just as a tree drops its leaves to rest for the winter, from time to time we need to shed a few things in order to rest and renew ourselves. Each month this year, I have been listening to hear the voice of the Shepherd.

For November, Jesus is calling me to rest. To lie down in the green pastures of silence and solitude. To be led in paths for His name’s sake. To have Him prepare a table before me. So that I may return with mercy and goodness at my heels, and fresh words for the weary.

Stay tuned for a brand new series in December . . .

Advent{ures}:The Favor of God

I really enjoyed putting together and participating in the 31 Days of Quiet series. I will leave the page up in November, in case, you’d like to revisit some of the “ways to wake up your quiet time.” I hope you have been refreshed. That was my intention. I see the posts and Pam Farrel’s ideas as a great resource to infuse life into our devotional time with God, because we do get weary and stuck some times. 

Please visit on Thrilling Guest Thursdays in November, as I have a few of my favorite guests lined up to feed your soul with their lovely words!

For this mini sabbatical, I will be resting, reading and relying on the Holy Spirit to rejuvenate and realign my focus as we near the new year, which liturgically speaking begins with Advent. See you in December!  

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6 responses to “Weary: Lacking Strength, Energy, or Freshness Because of a Need for Rest”

  1. I know that both you and Kelly are taking Rad Sabbs (what I call her Radical Sabbatical), and I'm joining you. I really need to be quiet with the Lord and to process all He's been teaching me in the last couple months, culminating at the Allume Conference. So we'll all have to get together to share what God has taught us. Again, I have loved this wonderful series. THank you so much for your tenacity to do this for thirty-one days strong. And I feel so honored that you should ask me to guest-post again. Thank you Kel for who you are and for all you do!LoveLynni

  2. Lynni- You are a dear! I look forward to some down time with the Lord…and to prepare for the upcoming year and holidays…it was a joy to share and complete the 31 Days! You are welcome to guest post anytime…thanks for agreeing.Love and prayers-Kel

  3. Amen, and God bless it! I've just done this, and it was definitely the right thing to do. Sweet silence and solitude to you! May it not be hindered, and may you come away refreshed and renewed.

  4. Thanks Sylvia for the encouragement …I am thankful for a fellow pilgrim like you who understands the need for rest and refreshment …blessings kel

  5. Kel, I love your new blog photo (and the scripture for the weary.) perfect timing.

  6. thanks Jody! I had fun taking that "selfie" as they call them while I was at the botanical gardens last week…yes that Scripture is my calling from God to write word for the weary…and now He is inviting me to take a break and to just listen in November, which is way harder so far than I expected…I miss blogging 🙂 but I know I need the break to keep going…Love and hugs-Kel

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