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Record: To Give Evidence Of

Moses recorded their starting places according 
to their journeys by the command of the Lord, 
and these are their journeys according to their starting places.
(Numbers 33: 2 NASB)

Apparently God cares about keeping records. I found the above Scripture fascinating. In a quick concordance search, I found this repeating phrase: “These are the records of the generations of…” After each entry would be a person’s name, like Noah, etc. Several times in Israel’s history, these records were important reminders of God’s faithfulness and direction for the nation.

Today’s idea for waking up our quiet time is to create a “Miracle Scrapbook.” If you are visual person, you may love this idea. But other ways to record God’s miracles in your life are readily available. Like using a digital journal on your phone to take photos, type notes and record God’s daily faithfulness or the old-fashioned journal, where you can list your blessings or keep track of answered prayers. You could also use a voice recorder on your phone to have a verbal record of God’s praiseworthy deeds in your life.

I am a visual person, so scrapbooking, doodling and journaling the journey appeal to me. I have shelves of scrapbooks, so I am not sure I will go to the effort of making a special one for miracles. Come to think of it, if I just go back and look at my current scrapbooks and journals, I could find plenty of everyday and once in a lifetime miracles that give evidence of God’s grace in our lives.

If you don’t want to or don’t feel like making a visual reminder, why not just look at some old photos and thank God in person for the miracle of your life with your voice or in your heart.

Here’s  a couple reasons that Pam Farrel keeps a miracle scrapbook:

Someday we’d have children, and I didn’t want them to think because we were in ministry we were paid to be good. (I wanted them to know there was a time when were “good for nothing!”) I began to keep evidence of answered prayer. For example, the grocery bags that held two weeks of free groceries we received when we were broke…Whenever my faith becomes weary and I’m not sure if God can see me…through a crisis or challenge, I pull out that miracle scrapbook. I am reminded that while the obstacles might have changed or grown, God hasn’t changed, and he is able to handle the challenge.

By recording anchor points in your marriage or family, you strengthen the faith of everyone in that family. By spending your quiet times cataloging God’s provision for you, your heartstring to him is also strengthened.

©Pam Farrel from 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time (IVP). For more devotional books by Pam
How do you record God’s faithfulness to you?
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10 responses to “Record: To Give Evidence Of”

  1. Kel, it has been hard for me to keep up with our current homeschool schedule but I so love your posts and when you drop by my place. You know I completely agree with you on the journal, doodle scrapbook stuff. We are like soul sisters in that area! I love the idea of a Miracles Journal. I may have to do that…believe me recording these things is crucial. We are prone to forget. Just as the Israelites continually forgot the miracles of God in the desert, we do the same thing daily in the face of adversity…at least I do. Curling up with my journals, scrapbooks, or blessing books, reminds me of His faithfulness…and I forget MUCH. Thanks for this series. I love it and the book by Pam. Will check her site once I can get more time. Love you, my soul sister friend!

  2. For the month of nonmember I'm making a thankful book each day take a pic and say what I'm thankful for I will use my cinch to bind it and keepnit out and display. Just thought you might like that idea for November

  3. Hey soul sister…so glad you could pop by…I hope you can schedule some time in for curling up …I am working on setting aside one day a month to Selah…pause and just be with God…but I am in a different season…hope your girl is doing well…praying-Kel

  4. Susie- I bet you have some fond memories in your journals of God's faithfulness! And I remember your Sunday school hat!

  5. Lesley- this is a terrific idea. It may even lead to a theme for the November blog…each post I could add something about thankfulness! Thank you for this idea!

  6. Great idea! I too might incorporate something to that effect in my November blog. Enjoying your posts! Bobbi

  7. Hi Kel! These are great ideas! This reminds me of a gift that someone gave my husband for his 10 year anniversary in full-time ministry. They took a large branch that resembled a "staff' and carved on it every miracle and testimony that occurred in his life while pastoring. By far one of the BEST gifts he's ever received! Unfortunately, it was misplaced during a move. It still pains him to this day! Whenever our kids wanted something, we would tell them to find a picture of it and place it on the fridge and believe God for it. You're so right, it is important to record all the things God has done for us, lest we forget! Thanks so much for the reminder and thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you!

  8. Bobbi- Thanks for stopping by! I will look forward to how you incorporate thanksgiving posts into you blog! Glad you have enjoyed the posts here…they really have been waking up my own quiet times with God!

  9. Michell- that sounds like a wonderful remembrance…sorry it got lost, but glad you have the memory of it. Yes! The fridge is a good place to put reminders of God's faithfulness and I like your idea to put a picture "prayer" on the fridge, too. Blessings!

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