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Sing: To Relate or Celebrate in Verse

He has given me a new song to sing,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see what he has done and be astounded.
They will put their trust in the LORD. 
(Psalm 40:3 NLT)
I can hear some of you groaning, but Kel, “I don’t have a good singing voice.” Neither do I, but that doesn’t keep me from relating to God through music or singing in order to celebrate His goodness. And besides, I am not encouraging you to join the choir or compare yourself to someone else. This is just another way to add some pizzazz and emotional depth to your personal time with God.

I won’t go on and on about the benefits of music and singing, instead I will give you the list of ideas from 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time. Consider them to be springboards for your next musically inspired quiet-time!

Here are some ideas that Pam suggests to enhance your musical quiet-time :

  • Pull out the lyric jacket out of a CD or cassette that you don’t normally listen to. [Or find your favorite worship lyric online.] See if you can figure out what might have been going through the lyricist’s mind or what was going on in his or her life when it was written.
  • Find a hymnal. Try to sing as many hymns as you know. List your favorites. Choose ones you’d like sung at your wedding, your baptism, your funeral or other significant events in your life. Place the list in your Bible.
  • Many hymns are based on a Scripture text. [Do a Scripture search based on words from the hymn and see how the Word might have inspired the song.]
  • Sing a praise song until you have it memorized–especially one that is straight from Scripture.
  • Try to put your favorite [Scripture] verse to a familiar tune.
  • Put on a purely instrumental recording. Have a cup of coffee or tea …while you meditate on God’s goodness in your life.
  • Read a book, such as A Hymn is Born by Clint Bonner…

    ©Pam Farrel from 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time (IVP). For more devotional books by Pam
    Share a time when God used music 
    in your life to draw you closer to Him.

    5 responses to “Sing: To Relate or Celebrate in Verse”

    1. Another good devo book on hymns is the Then Sings My Soul series. I love signing the music of Bach. Granted, I know this would not be everyone's cuppa, but he was an amazing Christian and his music is breathtaking. I'm always lifted to the heavenlies when singing and performing his music!

    2. I'm loving all these ideas you are sharing… I also have one of the Then Sings My Soul books. I have used it to get back in the groove of playing the piano. I also have a favorite old hymnal that I keep on the mantle at the cabin. The cover is torn and long gone, so the first hymn is displayed as the cover. It is "This World Is Not My Home." Love putting my hands on the hymnal, it is like a prayer in and of itself, just to touch it.Hugs,Kelly

    3. Oh, Kelly, you are a lady of so many talents. I had no idea t hat you played! Wonderful. Playing the piano in worship in my home has brought me countless moments of joyful celebration. And I love old hymnals….I look for them at used and estate sales, etc. We;'ll have to have a songfest!Love you,Lynni

    4. Lynni- Thank you for mentioning the devo book…I was thinking of it, too…I love how God uses music in your life!

    5. Kelly- I love how God draws us to himself through playing music, listening to music, and holding music! I love your old hymnal story and the song that it displays to all who enter your cabin… a sweet reminder that there is more than this world! Hallelujah!

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