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Dance: To Move Your Body

Let them praise his name in the dance: 
let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.
For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: 
he will beautify the meek with salvation.
(Psalm 149:3-4 KJV)

This old photo was on some mail I got from the St. Louis History Museum,
 thought it fit well with our theme today.
 It was either this or a video of me dancing! I figured you’d prefer this!

Dancing may be the last thing on your mind when you think of quiet. If you have no rhythm, like myself, you may  want to skip this idea completely. But even as I admit that I am rhythm deficient, I still like to dance unto the Lord! I love to crank up the praise music when no one is home and just move as the Spirit leads. But dance is not the only kind of movement that draws us closer to God. 

Scripture often likens our relationship with Him as a walk or even a race. I think dancing, walking, running or any exercise can give us a focus that clears our minds, placing us in a posture for deeper listening to God.

Pam Farrel agrees. Listen in as she relates her experience with dance and exercise as means to connect with God in the quiet of our hearts. (If you are kinesthetic learner, you’re gonna love this. If you’re not, you should still give this idea a try. See if God shows up in a way you never experienced before!)

Pam does admit that she is a trained dancer and gymnast, but still there is value in trying a new experience even if you’re not an expert:

I took a Jewish folk-dance class and the holiness of dance became real to me. As the teacher explained the meaning of the dances and their steps, I began to grasp the full picture of God’s plan. One dance had a step for water . . . I thought about how Jesus said, “I am the living water.”

At the moment my feet were moving to the music and doing the steps  that meant water, I knew that for me the living water is what I needed for survival . . . I had intellectually known that for years  and years, but in that moment my whole body could respond to the truth of that one simple phrase in Scripture.

If dancing doesn’t appeal to you, try taking a walk or jogging with praise music or riding your bike with the intention of listening to God.

Pam shares some research and  her experience with exercise:

Professional counselor Earl Henslin says that often it is after intense exercise and rest that our minds think clearest. I also have seen that I am most creative after I have exercised and prayed. It is as if those two activities serve as an eraser on the chalkboard of my life, wiping away the superfluous noise of busyness.

©Pam Farrel from 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time (IVP). For more devotional books by Pam

Can you share a time when physical activity 
helped you to connect with God?

7 responses to “Dance: To Move Your Body”

  1. Kel, when I read this, I couldn't help but think of a little story I had published called, "I Do Dance, Just Ask Me." It's about my wanting to take a risk and get out on the dance-floor, even when I am not such a great dancer….and about how my husband wouldn't dance with me and left me standing there alone. And then I explained how I love to dance unto the Lord–just like King David did. I'ts late, and I'm sleepy, so I'm not saying this well. You'd have to read the story! 🙂 But the point is that I felt the freedom to dance before the Lord, and He accepted this as an act of praise and worship. I appreciate that you are "daring" us to try! Oh, and you might want to know more about Praise Moves (PM), a Christian alternative to yoga and a form of dance and exercise….but all to the glory of God. I'll see if my friend and PM instructor, Mary Ann Haslett, will visit here and comment. Again, I"m sleepy, so she'll do a much better job than I to explain this. I also like to walk as a way to communicate with God and also clear my head. Walking does wonders for the body and the soul and is a great way to spend one's quiet time!LoveLynni

  2. Lynni- Even as a sleepy girl, you have great examples and helpful resources…I would love to read you dance story, where was it published…maybe I can add a link for the readers…also would love to her more about Praise Moves…have a great day and enjoy your quiet moments with God this week, whether there restful or full of movement!

  3. Oh you are so kind. Mary Ann Haslett said she would be pleased to let your readers know about this Christian alternative to Yoga, and she would be glad to share the link, I'm sure. I'll send her on over! THat's so generous of you. I'll send you the dance story. It was published in two books, and I can't recall at the moment, even though now I am wide awake and bush-tailed (as my Mother told me when I was younger). I thkn that that is a pretty terrible thing to picture! :-)Love you always, Kel!Lynni

  4. Oh BTW, I also rec'd that photo from our History Museum. For your St. Louis readers, it's a great place to visit in our beautiful, famous Forest Park!L.

  5. Hi, I'm MaryAnn Haslett that Lynn mentioned in the above comment. I tried to reply to her comment, but nothing happened, so hope I can add my comment this way. I've been teaching PraiseMoves since January 2006 and it has been such a blessing to me in my private worship and leading others to Glorify God in their body and their spirit which belongs to God. (Comes from our PraiseMoves Foundations Scripture – 1 Corinthians 6:20) You can find more information about PraiseMoves at We combine gentle stretching, and movements with the Word of God as we transform our workout into worship. We were created to Praise Him, and that is what we do in each and every class as we speak out His Word, meditate on Scripture, and move to greater levels of flexibility and strength as we draw near to the One who created us. Each class we pray for one another, and we are reminded of the armor that God has given us to defeat the enemy as we 'put on the whole armor of God'. I really love glorifying God in this way. Not only has it helped in physical benefits of no back pain, improved flexibility and balance, general overall feeling of good health but it has also helped me to memorize Scripture which is the Sword of the Spirit that I am able to speak out in encouragement, wisdom and comfort. You'll find a link to classes on the webpage and DVDs and downloads are also available on the store link. PraiseMoves has really been a blessing in my life. I do hope it will be a blessing to many others. To Him be glory, honor and praise and His peace be with you all.

  6. Mary Ann, you are such a precious (if long-distance) friend, and I thank God for linking us through Mary Whelchel's The Christian Working Woman (a great ministry BTW) many years ago. I have loved hearing about your witness via your lovely writing and Praise Moves, and just stand in awe of how God has led you in this area. I know that Kel and her readers will be blessed. I wish we had a PM class in St. Louis. I need one.Sending you much love and thanks!Lynni

  7. Kel – I am on my feet….hard to type….Hugs,Kelly

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