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Treasure: To Hold or Keep as Precious; Cherish

Who is a God like you . . .?
(Micah 7:18a NIV)

Children are precious. We treasure their tender hearts and we learn from their curious minds. Their laughter is contagious. Their quiet moments are rare, but when they are still, we usually find them nestled in their parent’s arms or curled up under the covers sleeping sweet dreams.

Jesus celebrates and welcomes the little ones. He encourages a childlike faith. In your quiet moments do you ever act childish? I don’t mean those spiritual tantrums, I am thinking about approaching God with wonder. When is the last time you got out a box of crayons and colored a Bible story? Or gathered some scissors, old magazines and a glue stick to make a collage?

Coloring and pasting appeal to my curious nature. I like to see what comes together with the images and colors. And often, I discover a topic that God wants to dialogue with me about. Like in the above collage, I sensed God asking me and possibly you: 

What do you treasure? 

And the reason I know this is a question God may be asking is that the Bible also speaks of this topic. (See Luke 12:34)

In 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time, Pam Farrel suggests, we approach our time with God like a child, literally. She suggests reading a children’s Bible, or reciting a child’s prayer or coloring a Sunday School paper or even having a quiet time with a child.

Here is what happened when she took her own advice:

 . . .one Sunday morning, I asked our eight-year-old son what he learned from Daddy’s sermon. Waiting for the typical, “Jesus loves me” answer, I was pleasantly surprised when he said, “You shouldn’t make up excuses not to obey God.” Wow! 

©Pam Farrel from 30 Ways to Wake Up Your Quiet Time (IVP). For more devotional books by Pam

What youthful activity will you incorporate 
into your quiet moments today?

3 responses to “Treasure: To Hold or Keep as Precious; Cherish”

  1. Oh, I so agree! I carry glue sticks and scissors as well as my journal…and also I think I teach Sunday School because I love to tell the story again and again in new ways…hear it, craft it and have you seen the Jesus Storybook Bible? A gift to your childlike heart, Kel! I love it! Sometimes I even share it with the kiddos. SOmetimes. I love it! love your posts!

  2. Dawn- I love that you carry your scissors and glue stick with your journal…Yes I have the Jesus Storybook Bible and CD…I listened to most of it on a trip and the love of God is so evident in the narrative of the whole of Scripture…thanks for your kind words and kindred spirit!

  3. Kel – Love playing with paper and scissors and glue stick and crayons with you and with God! So revealing, so healing, so encouraging, so prayerful!Hugs,Kelly

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