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Guest Post (Part 2): Lynn D. Morrissey {and Random Journal Day}

For I am about to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness for my people to come home. I will create rivers for them in the desert! 
(Isaiah 43:19 NLT)
Join us today, for more heart insights from Lynn as she works through a life transition by using collage-journaling.
Collaging My Transition
(Lynn D. Morrissey)
Note: If you have not read my post yesterday called “Art of My Heart” about how I began collage-journaling, I’d suggest that you read it before reading this post. 
In an online journaling class I attended about life transitions, one of the assignments was to collage and write about what stage I was currently experiencing.
This was a fun and fascinating process for me. Because I am such a perfectionist and had a collage collection of forty-million magazines in the basement from which to choose, to save time and curb my perfectionism, I decided to limit myself to four used magazines I had recently purchased from the library. What intrigued me is how God used these limited resources to speak to me in a powerful way.
In a journal write, I described my current state in “butterfly”terms. At this time, I was metamorphosing (transitioning) from full-time mother, author, and speaker to journal facilitator. I explained to the class that I was still in the chrysalis, but it had split and the butterfly was ready to emerge. The butterfly, fully formed, revealed my true colors: my passion for teaching journaling. I needed finally to shed my chrysalis to which I was still clinging and to pump up my wings with God’s blessing: my skills (álà the online journaling course), courage, business savvy  etc. I also needed to shed bad habits, attitudes, and sins which were impeding my flight.
I had no idea how I would depict this phase of my transition through collage images, because I didn’t expect to find butterfly life-cycle photos in the magazines. But interestingly, other pictures emerged which powerfully represented this phase of my life and informed my next steps. I have no doubt that God led me to these particular pictures and words at this particular juncture.
I found an image of what resembles a red British telephone booth. The woman had one arm and leg inside the booth, and the other arm and leg were forcefully breaking through. What a perfect image for my “emerging” mode. So I glued a big E (which stood for *emerge*) onto the booth (my chrysalis). I realized that God had revealed my purpose to facilitate journaling classes and that part of me was moving forward; yet, oppositely, part of me was lagging behind and clinging to my comfort zone and bad habits.
Interestingly, just days before when I had been prayer-journaling, I told God that I had met a wall of resistance in some areas of my life, and I needed a breakthrough. When I serendipitously found the telephone booth for my collage, I realized that I had found a “red wall of resistance,” which the woman was breaking through! This definitely conveyed significant spiritual symbolism and meaning for me, and confirmed to me that God was speaking.
Then, of all places, in a women’s magazine (!), I found pictures of cups labeled with words for sins referenced in the Bible: wrath, envy, pride, lust, gluttony, greed, and sloth. I realized that I had committed those sins at various times and was still struggling with some. I knew that if I were to have a “soul revolution,” I needed to ask God to help me to empty the poisonous “contents” of those cups through confession and repentance. (You’ll see in my collage that I have pasted those words above the cups). At the bottom of the page, I had fun juxtaposing the words from two different magazine ads to make my own slogan. “Let the secret” + “of passion” + “out of the box.” As I began to emerge into my purpose, I wanted to let the secret of my passion (for journaling) out of the box. I knew that “There is a side of [me] destined to be revealed.” Yes!

Collage 1
On the second collage, I depicted not just the emerging, but stages of what would become my flight in progress. Amazingly, I found a slogan which read, “What will happen to the emerging?”under which I included another phrase:“How do you get all the nourishing?” I was also stunned to find the nourishing phrase, because my teacher had asked our group how we would nourish and nurture ourselves during this transition. It was delightful for me to see three groupings of words about nourishment in the very magazines I was poring over. This, too, was no happenstance. You’ll see these phrases near the bottom of the collage: 1) “Nourishment is savoring every bite” (I wanted to savor my journaling coursework, bite by bite, and not just be a quick, thoughtless consumer). 2) “Nourishment is forgetting perfect” (I definitely knew that I needed to leave perfectionism behind; it was hindering every aspect of my life). 3) “Nourishment is laughing out loud” (I love to laugh, but I knew I needed to do it more; perfectionists can be far too serious). I realized that I needed to make some conscious efforts (which you’ll see in other words I captured in the collage, like: “I will live brightly”and exuberantly (I can be prone to depression, and so I wanted to focus on joy). I will “pump it up”! I can’t believe that I found those words that directly applied to “pumping up my wings”! I will “do everything I can to help my dreams come true.” I also added that “small steps take me from where I am to where I want to be.” Because I am a perfectionist, so often I won’t start needed projects because I think if I don’t have time to finish them, I’ll need to wait to start when I do—and then I never do! (Perfection + procrastination = passivity and paralysis!). So this is a very crucial reminder for me. There is really nothing small about small steps. They add up to big ones.
Finally, I created a new definition for “journal change,” all because I found words that leapt out at me from my magazines. I simply played with and rearranged them. This is not what the magazine ad said, but this is what my heart knew: “Journal change is something beautiful about to happen.” So often, I dread change. So suddenly to see a little tearing-and-pasting exercise transform a word of dread into a word of hope was nothing short of miraculous for me. I added the word “journal” to the words “change is,” because I think that “journal change” is a true transformational catalyst. Whenever I pick up my pen and/or collage pieces to seek the Lord for insight, change, self-knowledge, and guidance, I can anticipate that “something beautiful is about to happen”! Every time I journal, I change. And that’s beautiful!
As I completed my collage assignment, it was my hope that as I fully emerged from the chrysalis waiting period into my new beginning as a journal facilitator that my life and my purpose would become a work of art!You’ll note that phrase at the bottom of the collage.
Collage 2
God continues to use collage-journaling, this art of my heart, to give me insights into my soul and ways that I can grow, change, and rejoice in Him and His purposes for me.
How has He used collage to do the same for you? We’d love to hear!
(Copyright 2013. Lynn D. Morrissey. All Rights Reserved.)
Lynn D. Morrissey, is a Certified Journal Facilitator (CJF), founder of Heartsight Journaling, a ministry for reflective journal-writing, author of Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer and other books, contributor to numerous bestsellers, an AWSA and CLASS speaker, and professional soloist. She and her beloved husband, Michael, have been married since 1975 and have a college-age daughter, Sheridan. They live in St. Louis, Missouri.
You may contact Lynn at
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17 responses to “Guest Post (Part 2): Lynn D. Morrissey {and Random Journal Day}”

  1. Love these Lynni! Especially the woman emerging from the phone booth…and the sin-filled cups…oh to empty us of sin! So much revealed in these images. You can clearly see God at work here.Hugs,Kelly

  2. Very cool. Evocative. I have a 24 year old daughter who'd take one look and be pulling out her stash of magazines, because this is EXACTLY how her creative, artistic brain lives works out her relationship with God. I'm just thankful to see it and be awed, inspired and changed by your art. AND, I love the window into your process. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much, Kelly. And oh! Now to see Him at work in my life, emptying those cups. I think a point this really reinforced for me is that God can speak right where you are through any means He wants. It was powerful for me. Thanks for stopping by!LoveLynni

  4. Dear Jes (I hope that's your name)! =]I'm so humbled by your remarks, because I hardly consider myself an artist. Thank you for your encouragement! And that is what I love about collage–that some of it is ready-made. My daughter is an artist like yours, and Sheridan can draw, paint, etc., beautifully. But God has used these ready-made words and images to allow someone like me to be able to express herself artistically. I hope that your daughter will try her hand at this. I do think your daughter would be amazed at what the Lord would show her through collage,(and of course to journal her prayers to Him and always to read His Word). Maybe you will collage, too?! =]Thanks for your input!Blessings,Lynn

  5. Lynn, you are so inspiring I wish I could spend a whole day with you- and Kel would be a wonderful bonus! But we truly are kindred spirits – your writing, love for journaling and the collage art – the only art I really "get". These creations and messages are wonderful. I have been so busy with Homeschooling and all but I know I was interested in your program as well. You are a blessing. I feel honored that Kel would post you for RJD and hope everyone gets a chance to check out your insights and thoughts shared today! In His Grace, Dawn

  6. Dawn, I want to have a great big journaling party over here, and you and Kel and Kelly would be my special guests of honor. Honestly, if you ever get to St. Louis, we will all have to get together! Truly, It's *I* who am so very honored that Kel would host me and that she would have linked me to your lovely site for RJD–which is an inspired idea, BTW! I'd love to visit w/ your friends here, too, as well. I have journaled for nearly 40 years (ugh–dating myself, huh?!), but I'm new to collage. It's such a marvelous medium. I would love to know what God has shown *you* through collaging, so feel free to share. When I wrote Love Letters to God, I didn't know anything about it. Maybe I'll have to write another journaling book–ha!Anyway, you are a delight and an inspiration, and I'm glad you're here!Lovelynn

  7. Kelly, see my comments to you below, pls. Who knows why they didn't post in the rihgt place?!

  8. Jes, I tried to comment on your post at your blog today, but just can't make it work! Here's what I said:That is just so powerful Jes and shows you how seriously God takes your prayers!!! THat's what I love about written prayer (journaling). We have a permanent record of what we have said to the Lord and proof of His faithfulness! I'm giving away my book on prayer-journaling at Jennifer Dukes Lee's blog next Tuesday. Come over and visit! =]God bless you on your journaling journey!Lynn

  9. Lynn, your collage work is beautiful! I just went to a local art show tonight of six women. I could totally see your work there on display! What you wrote about the "red" also reminds me of today's Five Minute Friday prompt on "red." I know this post is lengthy for their five minute thought, but sometimes an exception is good… maybe you could link this up over there today? (I saw Shelly enter one once and just said, "alright, I admit this was more than five minutes… 🙂 I think you are right to call this art… it is beautiful!

  10. Oh goodness, Pam. You and the other ladies really humble me, b/c honestly, this was just tearing and cutting out colors, pictures, and words that spoke to me and gluing them down. But I'm glad it appealed artistically. Have you tried collage? It's such fun, and I was amazed in my journaling classes the depths of what the women shared. They loved how God spoke to them. I'll have to go read your "red" prompt. And hmmm…..yes, it is a bit too long, I'm thinking.Love you, and thanks for dropping by!Lynn

  11. That truly is amazing art! I really had no concept of how God could use this form. Of course He can use anything, but this one seems so powerful! As I read about your use of the words "journal," it also brought to mind your and all of our journey. Your art describes from where God brought you and to where He is leading you. Great stuff, Lynn. I know I've said it before, but the depth and understanding of your heart never ceases to amaze me… My mind is in overdrive.

  12. Oh Floyd, honestly, you are just too generous; but I love how God can take the humble journal bages He led me to bare, and begin to cause others to see how He might use this form in their lives too. I think you would be amazed. You can collage straight into your regular journal or just have a collage journal. This was actually in a journal just dedicated to that, but I have written out in my other journal what God was showing me. I also journal in the margins of my Bible. Do you write in your Bible? I have just found a neat book about doing just that — kind of reinforces to me that I'm not crazy1 🙂 (Well, my family might argue otherwise). I'm so glad you stopped by, Floyd. You are always such an encouragement to me!LoveLynnOh…..and as far as where He is leading… vision is to see a global Christian journaling revolutio!!!

  13. Oops…….that's Christian journaling revolution.

  14. Beatimous art in the way God has called us to be co-creators with Him. He breathes life and imagination and what we do with it (hopefully) honors Him. This is lovely Lynn.

  15. Ah, beautimous. I've actually used that word before, and will now forever think of *your* writing as beautimous! Thank you for these kinds words, and God does honor hearts that beat w/ His (even when they are not the best artists like moi! :-)Love you, Shelly.Thanks for popping in!Lynn

  16. Long ago I did collage art, collected pages from magazines and papers. I should start again and find those old pieces. See if they still make sense! Great write here, thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Hi Mystic Mom, you are so welcome, and I'm so glad that my post resonated with you! Oh, I hope you are able to find those pieces. I think they would be very enlightening and might reveal things about who you were then and inform where God is leading you now. The juxtaposition could be very interesting! =] Thanks so much for reading, and happy journaling and collaging!Blessings,Lynn

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