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Rescue: To Free From Danger {Intuition Diaries}


He brought me out into a spacious place;
he rescued me because he delighted in me. 
(Psalm 18:19 NIV)

Seneca Falls, NY 

I have been sending home postcards to myself for some memorabilia and diary of our trip. I sent a postcard with Elizabeth Cady Stanton on the front, with these words on the back: “Our boat was liberated from its dock…and then a man rescued our Intuition.” 

Seneca Falls is not only known for being the birthplace of Women’s Rights, but also the possible setting that inspired Frank Capra’s, It’s a Wonderful Life film. I took a morning run over the bridge that sort of looks like the one George Bailey considered jumping off into the icy river. I found a path along the canal to run on and also some interesting sculptures. 
That’s the bridge in the background.

After my run, we got ready to head back up the Cayuga-Seneca canal through Locks 3 and 2 again to enter Cayuga lake. We were looking forward to getting to the south point of the lake to visit Ithaca, NY and the campus of Cornell University.

Here’s a sequence of photos capturing the locking down process.
Another boat entering the second lock connected
to the first one,
 we are coming in behind them.

Both of us waiting for the lockmaster
to let the water out.

Almost done!

Leaving the second lock;
see the lockmaster up on the bridge way above us.

Good-bye Seneca Falls!

We sailed smoothly though the process of locking down the double lock. And were headed out when we saw, Hold Fast II, George and Jane’s boat and our rescuers of the night before stopped a few hundred feet from the lock. It looked like they were visiting with the boat that was locking through with us. They waved us up, and when we got to them, we found out it was our turn to rescue them. 

Their engine was overheating. Their boat is 37 feet to our 25 feet, and roughly four times as heavy as our boat. We were like the little tugboat that could. We tied up side to side, stern to stern and bow to bow. We carefully got them back to the wall outside the lock, so they could troubleshoot their problem. We exchanged contact info and then we left them secured to the wall, and wonder how they fared. 

Most likely we will see them again before the trip is over. They summer here around the lake and canal area, and were headed east, where we intend to be later this week.

For now we are taking a double night stay here in Ithaca. At the midpoint of the trip, it is always nice to have a whole day in port to recharge both the boat batteries and ourselves. Even though we love the water, it feels nice to be ashore for more than a few hours.

4 responses to “Rescue: To Free From Danger {Intuition Diaries}”

  1. Wow! so much adventure in this adventure!~ Now you get to return a favor. Isn't God good to hook us up like that? We have experienced a similar thing on a long road trip to the Pacific Northwest. He knows our needs and cares for all the details. Amazing! I have to tell you that I see the work in your trip, but I see the joy and sense of freedom in it too. What an awesome memory making time for you guys. Godspeed!Hugs,KellypS I love that movie…wonder if they actually filmed the movie there and that is the bridge. What fun!

  2. Omygoodness, Kel! You are right now (if in Ithaca) just a little over an hour's drive from me! Despite my present busyness, I decide to let you know, and say that, if you should happen to check in here before too late and email me, I might just hop in the car and trek on up to meet you somewhere and say (a brief, I know) howdy. If I don't hear from you, I'll be thinking of you nonetheless, with prayers for your travel safety and enjoyment. What a delight these posts have been!And, though I haven't taken the time to comment (limiting internet time this month), your definition posts have blessed me richly. Thank you for them.

  3. Sylvia- Small world! would love to meet you in person…we are at the Allan H. Treman state marine park just over the bridge from Ithaca…I know its late now, but we will be here all evening…we leave tomorrow and head over to Baldwinsville…we will be near Syracuse on Friday…email me at…I have that on all the time.

  4. Kelly- Les and I watch that movie every Christmas and we both get teary eyed! Thanks for journeying along with us! In spirit and in love! Thanks for noticing the joy and freedom alongside the work 🙂 Hugs-Kel

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