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Work: To Bring to Pass {Intuition Diaries}

So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun. 
(Ecclesiastes 8:15 NIV)

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing circumstances. 
(attributed to Mark Twain)

Last lift bridge on the canal at Fairport

While on vacation I often expect every moment to be marked by fun, yet on a boating venture, work and play intertwine.

On Saturday, we covered over 50 miles on the canal from Holley to Palmyra. We went under four lift bridges and locked through four locks. We started out around 9:00am and arrived at our destination by 6:00pm.

Around 11:00am, we took Les’ bike down, so he could pedal and I could cruise the canal. This section was about fourteen miles by canal. I was in good spirits and happy with myself for being able to manage the boat while Les enjoyed the countryside by bike. We wended our way through a part of the canal that is south of Rochester. Mostly remote, only passed one other boat, some kayaks and canoes and a tour boat at the Genessee River intersection. 

Self-photo of me piloting the boat solo
Taken from the tow path by Les
Les took this photo from a bridge
As I approached one bridge I noticed sticks and rocks plopping into the water, I looked up, worried that a stone may go through our windshield. No one up on the bridge. As I moved closer, I saw the objects coming from the side of the canal. I blared our horn, and I think I startled the young man. Once he saw the boat, he wanted a ride. I kept cruising along. 

Les met me at Lock 33, where I masterfully parked the boat next to the lock wall. My spirits were high, but my stomach was quite hungry. I had thought we would have time to stop for lunch at the lock, but that didn’t work out. My mood soon turned into a grumpy disposition. The next lock was only a mile away and we had to eat in shifts, instead of a leisurely lunch lockside. The day was becoming more like work, than play.

And to top off my frustration, I let go of the rope at the second lock. The boat felt less secure with only one rope. We prefer to have more control with both of us holding the boat close to the side. And about that time I realized we weren’t going to get to the farmer’s market or stroll around any quaint towns. All work and no play; grumble, grumble. 

I fumed for a few more miles, and then I decided that my mood was unwarranted. I needed to enjoy what was before me. I climbed to the bow of the boat to sit in the sun, wind blowing in my face and the sound of rushing water settling me back into a vacation state of mind.
Lock 29: Fourth one of the day

Waiting in the lock for another boat to arrive

We made it through the last two locks of our day in time to get a nice spot at Palmyra, the birth place of Joseph Smith, yes, but also a town with four protestant churches at the corners of one Main Street intersection. I jokingly told Les we could go to all four the next day. If we sat in the back row, we could just slip out after awhile and go to the next one.

At Palmyra, we met a man who was traveling east to west (we’re going the opposite way) on a small wooden vessel called a Snipa, which was made in Sweden in 1960. Click here to read and see pictures from his voyage. 

For dinner we ate at the Lock 29 Bar and Grill, emphasis on the bar. The girl behind the bar, asked us twice what we wanted to drink. We finally gave her our drink order, so she would let us order food.

I went to bed with the sun, tired from a full day’s work. 

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  1. So did you check out the churches? Love being able to come along for your trip…Skipper Kel! :->Miss you here in the Lou,Hugs,Kelly

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