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Full: Satisfied and Complete {Intuition Diaries}

Why do you spend money for what is not bread,
And your wages for what does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,
And let your soul delight itself in abundance.
(Isaiah 55:2 NKJV)

One of the pleasures of vacationing for me is being creative with our food. As we travel from town to town, I am on the lookout for local fare and farmers’ markets. I love the challenge of cooking while we’re out on the boat; I am limited by space, two burners and the grill for our meals. I am always looking for inspiration for our menu.
Before this trip, I devoured the book, Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. She served up appetizing essays surrounding her adventures cooking with her friends and enjoying life to the fullest around the table. Intermingled with her stories are recipes that are just as fun to read as the rest of the book. I copied a few down for our trip.
This morning, I made her Quinoa Breakfast, which is quinoa with apple chicken sausage and fried eggs on top. Les tried it and we both agreed the quinoa makes a very healthy and tasty alternative to hash browns.
At our first grocery stop I bought red plums, which were a bit bland even though they were from a local orchard. I wanted some fruit to go with our breakfast, so I cut the plums in half to sauté them in some oil with the fresh rosemary, some nutmeg and brown sugar. I kept the brown sugar to a minimum. Surprisingly, cooking the plums made them tart. I told Les I’d add more sugar for dinner to serve as dessert over pound cake (if we could find some in town today.)

On the advice of the folks from Gasport, we stopped in Medina to check out a local bakery. We each were going to get a pastry, when we smelled the bread. We already had bread on the boat, but the scent of freshly baked bread won us over. The loaf of cheese boule  was added to our ticket. I’d never had boule before, so I asked the baker about it. She said it was crusty bread with a soft inside. This loaf had cheddar cheese mixed into the dough.
We took our baked goods to the boat and headed over to Albion to find a place for lunch. We had hoped to find a diner or café right on Main Street, but nothing. So we regrouped and decided on sandwiches from our cooler.
With all this good eating and traveling, we made a commitment to be active this trip. We have our bikes along, so asked Les if I could ride my bike to the next stop while he drove the boat. The canal has a speed limit of 10mph, and most times you have to go slower because of the no wake zones. At that pace, we could see each other as I pedaled on the canal trail and he cruised the canal.
Tonight we ate grilled chicken and zucchini. We grilled slices of the boule and topped them with the sauteed plums, which I sweetened up with more brown sugar.

We were satisfied. 

Here’s some photos from the day on the canal, not food related. 

The Big Apple in Medina, NY

Les cruising the canal, while I rode my bike.
See Les, he’s right over there behind me.
Where are they headed now?

2 responses to “Full: Satisfied and Complete {Intuition Diaries}”

  1. I've enjoyed reading Bread & Wine. I found it quite serendipitously not knowing it would become all the rage. I am enjoying it. Wish I could be eating at *your* table!Enjoy!Lynni

  2. Guess what? I won a copy of Bread and Wine over at Rhonda's Blog just last week. I plan on making some of the recipes and was even thinking it would be a fun group thing to do — dinner get-togethers, maybe even with her book….dreaming…I was surprised to see the quinoa breakfast…it struck me as one to try first as well. Great to see your thumbs up. You are making me hungry!Hugs,Kelly

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