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Lonely Can Be a Lovely Word

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. 
(Luke 5:16 NIV)

Sometimes I want to be lonely–without company, cut off from others, not frequented by human beings. Some may say this is sad.  But in my loneliest times, I have found God or He finds me. 

When alone, solitary companionship occurs. God alone fills my deepest desires, comforts me in grief, strengthens my emotional being. So maybe I desire solitude–a privacy to be with my thoughts, to be with God.

Jesus sought the lonely places for prayer. He rested from company.  

Once in awhile, maybe quite often I am looking for that quiet day where I can walk in the lonely woods–to cry if I need to–to hum a tune–to sit still listening to . . . 

the gurgling brook
the rushing fountain
the muffled voices
the siren and traffic in the distance

and I am reminded that I am never too lonely.

I just step out of the woods and I am in the midst of the human race
ready to engage, to understand, to embrace, to listen, 
to do what human beings do–
each other’s loneliness.

15 responses to “Lonely Can Be a Lovely Word”

  1. Of course, I recognize these gorgeous glass globes as what I call the Chihuly Onions at our Missouri Botanical Garden! I'm not sure, however, if that is what *he* calls them! =] Aren't they beautiful? And the one you photgraphed with the "blue onion's" swirls reflected in the lily pond is so ethereal. You are such a gifted wordsmith *and* photographer, Kel! I was at the Garden last week, all alone with meandering garden-goers, and I thought of you, wondering if you were still enjoying the "privileges of membership," as you had expressed it once in a lovely post. It is so important to carve out alone time, and it can even be among others, as long as they recede to the periphery of consciousness. There is a time for sorority and a time for solitude. I'm wondering if you took your journal? I love to journal at the Garden. As you suggest, we are never fully alone, because God goes with us, before us, behind us, and in us. But we do need to cherish and protect our "alone" time with Him. Thank you for the reminder that being alone is really a full and fruitful experience. Love you, Kel!Lynni

  2. HiI am glad your friend Lynn told me what those were. Beautiful. I am following you from The Sunday Community. I would love you to link also to Sunday Stillness.Blessings,janis

  3. Janis, you just come visit us in St. Louis. You'd love the Garden. It's really one of the nicest and largest in the States! =]Lynn

  4. Kel, there is beauty in being alone with God. Like you said, it is then that we can commune with Him, uninhibited, and receive the replenishing power of His presence in full measure. Have a great week, Kel!

  5. I'm a "people person" and love talking with others, but there is nothing like the time I spend alone, with God….without interruptions or distractions. The woods are a great place for this! I live by a lake and early in the morning, I also can go out and find peace and solitude there, "a lonely place" to pray and commune with God!Blessings, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  6. Lovely. I love knowing that I am never truly "alone". When no one is with me I become most aware that God is always with me. Sometimes He fills the time with surprises that delight me. This weekend a ruby throated hummingbird kept coming to the feeder, and when he paused before landing, his ruby feathers flashed brilliantly in the sun. A male cardinal landed at the edge of the wild hedgerow at the back edge of the yard, and landed on the only limb lighted by the son. A huge yellow swallowtail butterfly flew large, languid circles across the lawn. I was filled with gratitude for the space, the beauty, my eyesight, and these beautiful delights.When I re-read this I caught my misspelling of sun — but decided to leave it the way it is — truly these were gifts from the Son!

  7. I will try to remember that if we go through St. Louis. If your government would pass that bill for Snowbirds that would allow us more time we could visit more places. Right now we are stuck at 182 days. It is not our government but yours that is holding us to that. And we spend that time in Arizona. Thanks so much for linking to Sunday Stillness.Blessings,Janis

  8. I truly love my time alone. It's really healing. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading your comments.

  9. Lynni- I keep a small journal in my purse now…so that I have a place to write…I had some time last Friday and went to enjoy "my garden" The weather here has been great for strolling and sitting in the garden! I actually wrote the content of this post while sitting on a bench in the wooded area.

  10. Janis- Thanks for stopping by…and for the link-up invitation…I will check it out!

  11. Thanks, Alison! I pray the Lord is replenishing you this week!

  12. Ann- I have found I need a good dose of solitude and people time in varying degrees depending on my season of life…but I have grown to really desire alone time with God more and more.

  13. I love your musings here in the comment box! Yes our lives our lighted by the Son! In solitude, we have more time to observe and see His gifts.

  14. I like how you describe this alone time as healing…thanks you for coming over…enjoy this week!

  15. There is something so calming about God in nature and silence. Can you tell I have 4 small kids?=)

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