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Stop: To Cease Activity

Cease striving and know that I am God.
(Psalm 46:10 NASB)
“Stop, in the name of love…
before you break my heart.”
(The Supremes)
When I was out running the other day, I saw a stop sign and the above lyrics started humming through my mind. God in His sweet way was asking me to stop sinning in my thought life, which inevitably seeps into my language and actions. To stop out of love for Him and because sin breaks His heart.
Once a month Dawn at Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith and the Recovering Church Lady co-host, Random Journal Day, where we daringly pull a random journal off the shelf or pile and pick an entry to share with the group.

After reading a couple posts from this month, I made this connection between journaling and prayer: If you write prayers in a journal, you have a great resource for written prayers to glean insight from, as well as see how God has been transforming your life.
I pulled a journal from the summer of 2009. And the following confession made me feel vulnerable, but I wondered if others have had similar struggles and awareness. As I reread it, I recognized how much God has helped me overcome this recurring sin in my life.
Confession brings sin into the light. Once it is named, God gives me strength to move away from the sin, in order to stop operating under its influence. The ability to turn away from sin is a supernatural ceasing.
Here’s the confession, I came upon in my journal from August 2, 2009:
I admit that I do give my tongue free rein to say hurtful things–judgmental things. My tongue frames deceit– I lie about myself and make up motives for others. I wrongly accuse. I try to put words in their mouths. I confess that I justify my slander by thinking that I am evaluating or assessing or problem solving.
O God, guard my tongue. Let me be silent rather than foolishly harm others. Purify my heart and tongue. How can I praise you one moment and tear down those you love the next. I am wretched.
Forgive me, most of all, for believing or thinking that You, the Most High and Holy One could even think or evaluate others the way I do. Let me worship you in holiness. Keep my lips from sinning.
Thank you for not remaining silent, O God Most High. Thank you for speaking to me about my tongue. For rebuking me in love. I accept the charges. I am guilty of slander, lies and wickedness in my heart, words and actions. Help me to think more highly of your beloved children.
Instead of slander, I offer praise, accolades, value and welcome. Why do I slander others? Because I doubt my own value. I want to keep the focus off my own shortcomings. I want to feel superior.
Father God, forgive me . . .
It is a rough thing to look into the mirror and see my grisly face, but it is also a beautiful thing because then our Gentle Healer can wipe away the debris and clean the wounds and bind us up with His mercy.
What kind of prayers do you write in your journal? Do you think written prayer is necessary or useful? Why or why not?
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2 responses to “Stop: To Cease Activity”

  1. Dear Kel, HOw did I miss this? I do not know. Apologies. Wow, I so relate to the words shared here, as well. I so love that last line- and am grateful for His mercy…and often ashamed of who I am apart from Him…thankfully He secures us in HIs grace. Happy Thanksgiving! So sorry I missed this post! Please forgive…;) Hugs.

    1. Dawn-Glad you found the post, just when you needed it! I thought of you when I referenced the song…Stop in the name of love …Happy Thanksgiving and Advent Season!

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