Hideout: A Place of Refuge

This cool log fort caught my attention while
on retreat a couple weeks ago at
Plays With Purpose’s country place.
Wish we were still there!
You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble and
surround me with songs of deliverance.
(Psalm 32:7 NIV)
Where was your favorite childhood hideout?
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10 thoughts on “Hideout: A Place of Refuge

  1. Love that promise too, Kel. Hmm… I'll have to think about your question. Not sure I had one… 🙂 But so grateful He is our hiding place, safe under the shadow of His wings..

  2. May we both hear songs of deliverance this week as we hideout with Jesus in our hiding spots…I worked on my gazebo this week to make it more cozy in the Secret Garden…come out and play with us!

  3. I lived in a tough childhood place everywhere… but the Lord occasionally dropped a school-connection that seemed to have a heart for me … a teacher or the parent of a classmate … and that made me think that maybe things could change. He planted seed in me many times. And, eventually, my life completely turned around.. for which I am extremely grateful.Nice to "see" you… been a while, I think, unless I just haven't been paying enough attention. [Who, ME??]Bless you…

  4. caryjo- good to "see" you…I have been away for most of June…I was summering with my nieces and nephews 🙂 I am doing a series on prayer for July…blessings-Kel

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