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Ordinary: The Regular Course of Things

Teach us to make the most of our time,
so that we may grow in wisdom.

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy
to the end of our lives.
(Psalm 90:12 & 14 NLT)

In the regular course of things, school ended for the year. And now it’s time for summer camp (aka “Ant Kamp”) with Aunt Kel. Spending the month of June with my two nieces and two nephews, who range from ages eleven to six, will be the joy of this summer.

We started the week out celebrating my birthday. The day started with donuts, then brownies for lunch, and ending with a frozen cake made by my sister. It was a sweet day!

Each day has been packed with fun. I wake up with the sun to squeeze in a few minutes of solitude with my journal. Then the troops arrive before breakfast, and so we begin the day together with a meal. After that we gather in the quiet corner for a little prayer time, followed by each child choosing a “place” to go to for their own time of solitude. It could be the porch swing, the hammock, the living room, the gazebo, the quiet corner or the art room.

They have surprised me, in that, they are willing to stay by themselves reading, drawing, creating art or music for close to an half hour. The girls often want me to join them. So I divide my “quiet” time between them. After solitude, we just let things happen. Play a game. Go to the pool. Eat lunch. Rest. Watch Scooby Doo. What more can a kid ask for?!

Are we learning some great spiritual lesson? Maybe? As I think about it, my youngest niece presented us with a great truth today.

When I asked what her favorite part of “Ant Kamp” was so far, she said:

Being with you!

And that’s the truth: God’s favorite part is being with us.

Photos from the last three days of “Ant Kamp”



10 responses to “Ordinary: The Regular Course of Things”

  1. Very fun, Kel. Wish I could come. How'd you devise the name Ant Camp?

  2. So fun! And excellently creative toes!

  3. Wish I were a kid again so I could go to Ant Camp!Hugs,Kelly

  4. Those are some very bright and beautiful children. And blessed, because of you.

  5. Fun indeed! The name derives from one child spelling aunt as ant and then Kamp with a k stands for Aunt Kel 🙂

  6. Yes…I have grown boys so painting nails is a novelty for me…40 nails in one day…quite an artistic feat 🙂

  7. Come over anytime, Kelly, you know we are kids at heart!

  8. They are stars in my universe! blessed and blessings!

  9. I was thinking Aunt Camp, and now stand corrected. A little child shall lead them and an aunt with a little child's heart shall lead the children! March on!

  10. Lynni- That's what I love above children…they are so creative and have fun playing with language…and this week a suprise came in the mail from our benefactress (aka Gillian, the momma) a little ant farm…now we can consider the ways of the ants!

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