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Look: To Gaze in Wonder or Surprise

We look for the Saviour. . .
(Philippians 3:20 KJV)

First Grade Photo of Moi

My mother told me that as a child, riding in the back of the car, I would point and say “See!” To this day, I love pointing out things that I notice. Like this phrase from Philippians, which popped up on my cell phone screen this morning.
How appropriate, as I leave for a few days to recharge and relax with some girlfriends in the country. I wonder how God will surprise us this week as “we look for the Saviour . . .”
Won’t you look for the Saviour with me this week?
I would love to hear  about your encounters with God. Leave a comment later in the week and we will compare notes!
(I plan to post on Friday, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise! Then I am committed to Ant Kamp. Who knows maybe the kids and I will send out dispatches once in awhile to let you know if we turn into vegetables or not!)

10 responses to “Look: To Gaze in Wonder or Surprise”

  1. Love the photo. What a cute little kid!

  2. The question is: Is a watermelon a fruit or a vegetable? You and the kids? Time will tell.

  3. I am off to the mountains to attend 6th grade camp with my daughter. I am looking forward to what God will do in my heart during this time. He and I have had some good times up in those mountains. Blessings to you!

  4. Is that ant or aunt?

  5. Kel, I'm so happy you linked up with Soli Deo Gloria. May God unfold more grace and beauty on your getaway.I look forward to hearing more.

  6. good question Gillian…we'll have to investigate and report back…day one and we were a little fruity…

  7. Blessings to you Rachael…hope you and daughter have a great time!

  8. ant as spelled by a kindergarten child…which I find very endearing…she means "aunt"…we also like ants and are eating like them… we love picnic food!

  9. Jody- Thanks…we had a great getaway and then came back home for an exciting evening of storms and tornado topping a couple trees in our yard and doing damage to other trees and some house damage in our neighborhood…

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