Look: To Gaze in Wonder or Surprise

We look for the Saviour. . .
(Philippians 3:20 KJV)

First Grade Photo of Moi

My mother told me that as a child, riding in the back of the car, I would point and say “See!” To this day, I love pointing out things that I notice. Like this phrase from Philippians, which popped up on my cell phone screen this morning.
How appropriate, as I leave for a few days to recharge and relax with some girlfriends in the country. I wonder how God will surprise us this week as “we look for the Saviour . . .”
Won’t you look for the Saviour with me this week?
I would love to hear  about your encounters with God. Leave a comment later in the week and we will compare notes!
(I plan to post on Friday, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise! Then I am committed to Ant Kamp. Who knows maybe the kids and I will send out dispatches once in awhile to let you know if we turn into vegetables or not!)

10 thoughts on “Look: To Gaze in Wonder or Surprise

  1. I am off to the mountains to attend 6th grade camp with my daughter. I am looking forward to what God will do in my heart during this time. He and I have had some good times up in those mountains. Blessings to you!

  2. ant as spelled by a kindergarten child…which I find very endearing…she means "aunt"…we also like ants and are eating like them… we love picnic food!

  3. Jody- Thanks…we had a great getaway and then came back home for an exciting evening of storms and tornado topping a couple trees in our yard and doing damage to other trees and some house damage in our neighborhood…

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