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Attend: Be Present At

Take heed unto thyself . . .
(1 Timothy 4:16 KJV)
This above Scripture phrase caught my attention early last week. All week the phrase tumbled across my journal pages. And then, I looked up the meaning of heed.
Heed: To Pay Attention, To Give Consideration
To heed is to give careful thought to what you are doing. More definition searching reminded me that I need to be attentive. A person who is attentive is mindful, observant, solicitous, and heedful of the comfort of others. In other words she pays attention.
What does it mean to pay attention? I am learning to notice my limits. Embracing the fact that my energy levels aren’t the same as they used to be. I can only give my attention to a few things at a time. I want to live at God’s pace, not pushed by my own frenetic need to be in control.
You may have noticed I have not been giving much attention to the blog this past week. And I’ve noticed my absence, too.
I was attending to my house; actually spring cleaning. Being mindful that in a few short days my home will be dubbed “Ant Kamp” for the month of June. I’ve agreed to provide childcare for my sister’s four kids, two girls and two boys. We have a lot of fun planned. We have field trip ideas and plenty of time to enjoy the local pools.
I am sure my expectations are high, and we may end up vegetables in front of Netflix, but my intentions are good. And my greatest desire is to be present with my nieces and nephews.
That said, my blogging will be slowing down to a trickle until July, when I plan to unveil the new business idea and its name.
I have enjoyed the journey thus far, and will still be visiting around the blogosphere to see how God is impacting your life and words.
Remember all that potential we talked about awhile back . . .a profusion of beauty arrived while I was cleaning . . .


6 responses to “Attend: Be Present At”

  1. Those roses are gorgeousness defined! ANd I know you will have a beautiful time with those sweet kiddos, vegetables or not! May you be present in your moments and aware of His presence all the while!Hugs, Kel!

  2. thanks dawn! don't you love roses! I used to love playing school as a kid during the summer…so I am plannning some "learning" activities too…I set up my family room with toys and games and books…the theme of Kamp is going to be prayer. It's a joy to get to share the legacy of prayer with the next generation.

  3. Ewe! (I don't know any other way to spell it…..) Those roses are beautiful! I am excited to see you slow down and be present in the moment and pay closer attention to yourself…..I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Ant Camp!Hugs,Kelly

  4. Lovely photos, a surprise awaits us. I cannot wait. You take all the time you need for 'Aunt Camp.' 🙂

  5. Jody- I noticed you had some pretty roses in your yard, too! Yes one day at a time…the kids are very excited and we will have lots of fun! And the pieces are coming together for this big surprise…I will visit you at Three Way Light…I love what's happening in your time with God in the yard!

  6. God's beauty is bursting around here! Can't wait to slow down this week and be prepared by God for the next month and following months of adventure…you're welcome to stop by and be a fly on the wall any time you want or you can be an antie too!

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