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Joie de Vivre: Keen Enjoyment of Life

You will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.
(Psalm 16:11 NLT)
La Grande Dame


La Belle Damsel

La Photographer

This past weekend was full of joy! Scrapbooking and sharing stories about our lives. Celebrating a friend’s 25th anniversary with a yard attack (signs and balloons and poms).

Going to the anniversary party later, joining our friends as they rejoiced in their milestone. Laughing and telling more stories. The joy of discovering new things about old friends. And Sunday afternoon, attending a high school graduation party . Congratulations, Colleen!
Life buoys us up, when we experience plain, old fun together.
Mom, Gillian and I agreed to dress up in “twenties” outfits for our outing to The Great Gatsby. What joy and laughter, as we stepped out of our routines to recall another era. I think they outdid themselves.
Our friend, Kelly always shines with her whole being, and she made us feel special and honored and loved as she took our pictures before the movie. Thanks, Kelly!
I just had to post these beautiful faces today, because living life to the fullest brings me great joy. What happiness God provides when we celebrate life together.

I hope you smile today!
What joys or happiness did God grant you this weekend?

5 responses to “Joie de Vivre: Keen Enjoyment of Life”

  1. Oh, I loved seeing all you belles dames. Tres jolie et tres charmant! Where was the Great Gatsby showing–at an actual theatre, or did someone show it at home? Kel, for your St. Louis readers, we have loved going to the High Pointe to see old flicks on certain Saturdays–really fun, and they often invite dress-up displays, have live music, give-away treats, etc.We too had fun this weekend attending the graduation from law school of a dear friend of our niece's, and we attended the beautiful party his mother hosted. She made all the food and it was fabulous. Oh, and speaking again of costumes, Michael and I have been hosting Dowton Abbey dinners for this same niece and her friend, our daughter, my mother and friend, and others who care to share in the fun and fellowship. On the season premiere, we held a Dowton Dress-Up Dinner, and Michael even wore a tux with red cumberbun! I wore a green-sequinned-and-beaded gown, and Sheridan had on a chiffon flapper dress. There is just something wonderful about celebrating with friends those times gone by. I loved your flapper flamboyance! =]Love, LynniPS Lovely you and lovely Gillian really resemble your beautiful mama. And Kelly is sooo adorable!~

  2. It was so much fun, wasn't it? Celebrating 25 years of marriage with a dear friend, and watching you and your mom and sister all dressed up to celebrate eras of old…..It was fun to snap the photos – you all put a big smile on my face. Cutest doggone gatsby era girls I ever did see! Looks like Lynni knows how to have fun too! God is so good to give us a heart of adventure, celebration and joy! Never-ending joy! Thanks for sharing His joy with us all!Hugs,Kelly

  3. Merci beaucoup, mon amie! I love that we can dress up and have fun even as adults…childlike bliss…The Great Gatsby has been made into a new movie…it was very good…the director takes a very stylistic and image driven approach and interpolates some modern music to show the timelessness of the story…it really is a tragedy…but the scenes and costumes and the acting and this director's version were all superb according to my taste in a movie 🙂

  4. Thanks for being my joy companion for the day! Love living it up with you, my friend! Rejoice! Rejoice in the LORD always and in all ways!

  5. Oh, thanks for letting me know about the movie. Shows you how I do not keep up with the times. Sheridan and I are always watching old movies (and tonight, Jane Eyre)! Love it.

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