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Potential: Existing in Possibility

Jesus looked at them intently and said, 
“Humanly speaking, it is impossible. 
But not with God. Everything is possible with God.”
(Mark 10:27 NLT)

Gardening offers many opportunities to observe potential. Like the other day, I noticed a rose pushing itself open, while myriad others appeared to be standing at attention awaiting their turn to bloom. Potential is beauty waiting to exist. Flowers don’t really push themselves open or even stand at attention, but as a striving human being, I personify the beauty surrounding me, rather than just absorbing their lesson. Rose buds become roses in their Creator’s perfect timing, wafting their sweet perfume across my secluded porch behind the rose-covered lattice.

Look at all that potential!

Gardens come in several varieties: the large family farm, the urban community plot or maybe a personal garden contained in various shaped pots. Being a suburbanite, my gardening feats happen around the yard and on the front porch. This year I had several options for my empty pots. I could plant flowers, herbs and even a few vegetables. My choices were as vast as the flora and fauna at our local plant nursery. The potential for combinations for the containers seemed infinite. I chose some vegetables, herbs and a few flowers. 

When I think of our human potential, especially as being created in the image of God, the options to impact this world appear infinite. I am a dreamer. So I like to dream and muse about what life would be like if we each had the time, energy and help to live out our God-created identities to the fullest, living generously and graciously toward each other, just as God lives toward us! (Matthew 5:48 The Message) This Scripture gives me a vision and informs my purpose as I understand the dream God is defining for this season of my life.

Last Friday, I made a vision board. Its inspiration came from the idea of plotting and marking off sections of a garden. I taped white strings across my piece of cardboard, wondering what God would inspire me to plant in each square. After the vision board was complete, I wrote some reflections:

I like to think of these vision boards as discovery collage. I gather images, some from my stash and others from a Better Homes and Garden magazine. I am drawn to the garden scenes in the magazine. Three phrases embody actions that speak to my dream: “a passion for planting,” and “corralling creativity,” and “pooling their resources.” These phrases resonate with my desire to help others discover what they can plant in the small spaces of their lives that will flourish and nourish their souls. My dream is to plant ideas and encourage creative approaches to live life collaboratively with Jesus always in sight. I add two images of Jesus, one is the Good Shepherd and Jesus with Arms Open in Blessing. I want to listen for His voice. I long for Him to lead me out the gate into His blessings to share with others.

Both with dreams and gardens, one must remain attentive. After I planted the container garden, the squirrels arrived to dig and play in the dirt. For a couple days, I would reset the plants that the squirrels displaced with their digging. I found a roll of screening in our garage, so I formed little tents around the plants to keep the squirrels out, while allowing the plants a place to flourish in the sun and rain. Since I took those measures, I have been able to enjoy two fresh salads from my lettuce pot. And I look forward to the celery, beets and peas later in the season. 

My dream for you, my friends, is that you will measure off some time and space to cultivate your relationship with God. I know that at certain times of life this is so difficult. However, God wants this time as much as you and I do. In love, He inspires creative ways to make it happen.
What will you plant in a small space 
of your life today to nourish your soul?

9 responses to “Potential: Existing in Possibility”

  1. Would you look at all that potential? That's what I love about you, Kel, you see the potential even when it's still germinating beneath the soil! Two salads already! Cool!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this, having just planted our garden. But it speaks to making space and being creative and being focused. Bee-you-tiful words, just like you.

  3. So inspiring…love the potential in flowers AND love your VISION Board! I have been wanting to do a new one…have had some before…not recent…

  4. Ah, now I know what those white squares are. I love reading about the process and significance as much as I do viewing the dreams, made tangible.And what I love about you, Kel, is that your potential is as beautifully tangible, colorful, and vibrant as a garden for all the world to see. Gardening is not a great metaphor for me, because I don't have a green thumb and kill even the most hardy of plants. That said, it works if I remmeber that I am a plant and God is the gardener. I just need to place myself in HIs hands, and it's He who will bring growth. He always makes us flourish. Thanks for a great post!LoveLynni

  5. Kelly- I love brainstorming with you over all the potential God has stored up in each of our souls! Love you!

  6. Thanks Jody! I love how God keeps weaving truths in our lives through the metaphor of a garden…even though we can't be in Eden right now, we get to taste it and see that God is good!

  7. Dawn- I love collage…I see it as an extenstion of journaling…another way to dialogue with God about who we are and what He wants in our lives and fills my creative bucket…if you do a collage send me a picture or better yet blog about it!

  8. Lynni- You were the first one who helped me see that collage has the potential to help us discover truths about ourselves and to give a visual to keep me focused on God…I love that truth…we are the plant and God is the gardener…he's the one that brings out our potential!

  9. Oh really?! I had no idea I had introducted you to this! And now you are inspiring me!!! Love you Kel!

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