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Tenacity from Juniper Gillian {Guest Post}

For the word of the Lord holds true,
and we can trust everything he does.
(Psalm 33:4 NLT)

It’s hard to believe that April is coming to a close. And to finish off our observance of National Poetry Month, I am happy to share a poem from my sister, Juniper Gillian. What a joy for us to be neighbors after so many years of living apart. She is a tender hearted, tenacious woman.You can read more of her musings at Grounded.

Tender hearted
Never letting go
All out

2013. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Juniper Gillian.

3 responses to “Tenacity from Juniper Gillian {Guest Post}”

  1. Kel, I would add TALENTED to your mix of T words for Gillian! Gillian, I tried to post at your place, but coudln't, so I will here. Thank you for sharing your poetry, your exquisite writing at Grounded, and your heart!Oh Gillian! Such beauty and poignancy… because you tell it well, but also because you had the eyes to see in life and at death. We can't minister to what we do not see. And sadly, some people see and still don't give. Just knowing what I know about you, you give to the utmost all you are. What a gift you are.

  2. Gillian, this is very touching — it has a tender feel to it, and yet there has to be such strength in living with tenacity. Kel, I'm so grateful that, through you, I've gotten to meet so many of your talented friends (and family).Thank you both for sharing.

  3. Kel – and Gillian! Love this! Yes, yes! you sisters, I want more! I'm so glad God has blessed you both with such tenacious personalities. You keep us moving! Hugs,Kelly

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