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Jumping Tandem Dreams from Lynn Morrissey {Guest Post}

For nothing will be impossible with God.
(Luke 1:37 ESV)
The Jumping Tandemretreat—the one all about seemingly impossible dreams—was a dream come true. Imet women I’ve longed to meet, whose faces I’ve only seen and whose hearts I’veonly known, as they bare them generously on the screen, across time and spaceand cybermiles. But actually to meet them in person, to converse tête-a-tête,heart-to-heart, soul to soul, was breathtaking. What transpired in Ashland,Nebraska in the rich workshops, the shared meals, the walks and talks, prayersand commitments, laughter and tears, gleanings and healings, and always the embraces, irrevocably changedus, like wine poured through water. Each dreamer’s heart was indelibly coloredby His Spirit and the dream He alone has infused there. Using the acrostic, JUMPINGTANDEM DREAMS, I share this alpha poem, hopefully to capture what it means todare to dream His dream for you.Never give up. It’s impossible to stop dreaming His dreams, because with Him, all things are possible!

Just when I think there is not one dream left to dream, I come to
Understand that dreams aren’t mostly about me, but the Dream
Maker. When God
Puts a dream in your heart, whether He
Iniates it with a gentle
Nudge or catapults it with a
Gargantuan push, the question is whether I will jump in His

Timing, engage in His
Activity, and revel in the
Nuances that define His
Dream for me. If it’s just mydream, it will be
Endangered. It will die in the self-
Made idol factory of my heart, where other

Dreams have been forged, and then have
Real dreams, God-designed dreams, are inspired by Him and
Emerge like butterflies from the
Atrophied chrysalides of our human hearts. God’s dreams always
Mount on wings and soar on the breath of His Spirit. They
Soar with His purpose and passion, with pleasure and promise …

(Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. Lynn D. Morrissey)
Lynn D. Morrissey, is a Certified Journal Facilitator (CJF), founder of Heartsight Journaling, a ministry for reflective journal-writing, author of Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer and other books, contributor to numerous bestsellers, an AWSA and CLASS speaker, and professional soloist. She and her beloved husband, Michael, have been married since 1975 and have a college-age daughter, Sheridan. They live in St. Louis, Missouri.
You may contact Lynn at
Please feel to comment on this post, as she will be checking comments. As all writers do, she appreciates feedback and your responses to her work.

9 responses to “Jumping Tandem Dreams from Lynn Morrissey {Guest Post}”

  1. Stunningly put….My sweet Lynni! And I will never forget how you told me to ask him what His dream is for me…instead of asking him to give me My dream. I am going before him and asking him "What is my dream". AAAAAAhhhhhhhh…….Hugs,Kelly

  2. Thank you for your generosity of inviting this guest-post, Kel. When I read my own words, it's as if God is using them to speak back to me, to encourage me never to give up dreaming, and that knowing He indeed will bring His promises to fruition. My job? To believe and to do what He says. Bless you, Dear Kel!Lynni

  3. I guess I could probably recognize the words of God through the voice of my sister, Lynn anywhere. It's amazing to get to partake in the gift of that retreat without having been there. God poured His heart out mightily on His children and is smiling at the supernatural effect. And so I smile too… warmed in my soul by the Hand of He that resides in all of us, binding us together in truth. As if the prose and beautiful voice weren't enough… the signature stamp of Lynn's butterflies crossed the "T's" and dotted the "I's" of the heart. Thanks for sharing this, Kel. May God continue to bless you and yours, and, Lynn, I'm praying for you. God speed, sister.

  4. It all sounds so beautiful, Lynn! I'm so glad you got to go. It's such a treasure to have those kinds of heart connections! I love the way you did the acrostic!

  5. Oh I tell you, Kelly, this alone makes all the difference in the world. When it's *His* dream, of course, He will bring it to pass, plus, we are totally dependent upon Him. I can't wait till He tells you!Love,Lynni

  6. Well, I tell you, Floyd. You always amaze me and never cease to bless me…..and you humble me. Thank you so much for your gracious words. And if my words here could even capture one iota of that amazing retreat for you, then I just thank God. Oh truly, if they do this again (and I can't help but think that they will!), you should come. There were a few token males there (ha!), and we could use your wisdom and gifts! Thanks for noticing the butterflies! Oh, and I've figures a way to sign off w/ one. Imgine how I do it in my emails. The wings are purple, and the body of the butterfly is red. So I'll do my "butterfly sign-off" for you!Fondly,Lynn}i{Looks better in an email, but you get the idea!

  7. Pam, yes this was absolutely a heart-connecting retreat…..and we needed *yours*~! If they do it next year, I pray you can come. Thank you for how you continuously connect hearts across computer screens! Oh and acrostic poems (also called alpha poems or abecedarians) are so neat. The acrostic pulls the words from you, and you don't even know what you will say when you start. Amazing!God blessyou,Lynn

  8. Kel, thanks for guest hosting Lynn's thoughts here. I look forward to hearing what God did in you……..:-), too.

  9. Jody Lee,Nice to see you, and I, too, can't wait to hear more of Kel's impressions. All of us who roomed together were full to overflowing with all God did in our lives last weekend. I can't believe it was only a week ago! Sure hope you will be among us if they do this next year!Blessings to you!Lynn

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