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Communion: Intimate Fellowship and Rapport

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!
(Psalm 133:1 NIV)
I am still unpacking from the weekend, not my suitcase, but the gifts of love and encouragement that were shared between sisters and brothers, who grasp God and want others to experience His love in rich and deep and wide reaching ways.
I want to tell you all about it. How wonderful the retreat center was that offered us the best. The hospitality of the Jumping Tandem retreat coordinators and dreamers and courage speakers, who dreamed for and with us. Each one graciously demonstrating dependence on the biggest Dreamer of all.
How the love of Christ flowed over us moment by moment with each encounter . . .  in the worship sessions, in the workshops, in the wandering around the wide open spaces surrounding the conference center.
But most of all  love poured out through the intimate conversations around the table, in the foyer, with my roommate (my sister, Gillian) and fellow travelling companions (Kelly and Lynni) and the other dreamers in Christ, who have similiar, yet different stories that point to the redeeming love and safe haven, we each find in knowing God and loving God.
I leave you with a poem, as it still is National Poetry Month. And some photo highlights of the weekend.
Undergirding with love
Precious sisters and brothers
Growing us . . .
Teaching us . . .
Affirming our dreams . . .
Nudging us closer to the BIGGEST
Dream of all:
Entering His
Marvelous presence,
Together . . .
Every moment
Trusting and
Recalling and
Enjoying and
True love.



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15 responses to “Communion: Intimate Fellowship and Rapport”

  1. Oh my! I was hoping you'd share, Kel! Wow, what a blessing. I really want to be there next year…God willing. Glad you were blessed. So neat to be with your favorite writing mentor, too- I bet! Oh my!

  2. Dawn- So much to share.. I will be in and out the next couple weeks…hope to post more tomorrow and link with a couple friends later this week, too…if you go to the facebook page for Jumping Tandem, you can read more reports of the weekend…it was one of the best retreats ever!

  3. This is just the sweetest. I love these pictures of you and your girls! And that poem captures the weekend perfectly :). I'm so glad you stopped by to see me and brought me here, Kel. So blessed by the visiting.

  4. Oh wow, Dawn. You must go! Considering how incredible this retreat was, I cannot begin to think that they won't repeat it. Well, you know what I mean. There are no repeats with God. His mercies and miracles are new everyday. We will look for you next year!LoveLynn

  5. Wow, Kel! I love your alpha poem, and had written one of my own yesterday about the theme of dreaming with a slightly different accrostic. I love the depth of what you have said with few words (not always my strong suit, as well you know from Miss Verbosity here! 🙂 I loved your beautiful pix too and am partial to the on of me with my arm flung out as your sister Gillian helped to me "cross the Great Divide." You will not believe this, but God actually gave me a devo to read today from Oswald Chambers with "great divide" in it! Is God speaking to me or what?! I will get my poems to you, per your request, and I will be praying for your upcoming trip as you literally take flight! I love you!LynniPS Refrehsing to see that you guys didn't make your beds either!

  6. Laura- I appreciate you hosting a place for us grown-up girls to connect…my friend Kelly Greer met you at the retreat…it was such a wonderful time and I did feel like I met my long lost family…I look forward to reading more of your playdates as the year unfolds.

  7. Lynni- Who had time to make beds 🙂 I look forward to reading your response poem and posting it later this week. God has His way of weaving themes and dreams in our life…I look forward to seeing HOW He brings yours together and to reality…

  8. Kel–it was such a blessing to 'see' you and hear about the retreat from your viewpoint. Clearly God was glorified throughout. This just makes me smile….

  9. Kel — what fun to jump with you — even when we were the only jumpers in the room! Ha! I love you….you have faithfully come alongside me and urged me on and kept believing in me even when I could not believe in myself. So much fun and so much depth at Jumping Tandem. I will never forget it! Hugs!

  10. Thanks Jody…God was truly magnified and glorified…I am sure the impact of the weekend will keep showing up in ways we never imagined possible as the year unfolds!

  11. Kelly- Jumping with you is always a joy and I love the tandemness of our journeys and life stories! We are a force to be reckoned with 🙂 aren't we?

  12. I'm soaking it all in all over the web! lol.

  13. Good point, Lynn- He does not repeat but does amazing new things all the time…breathing deep His grace today!

  14. Ha! That's right! Warrior women!

  15. 3 weeks since #jtreat and my heart is finally able to really read everyone's linkups. Together hearts embracing. These three words from your poem really capture the weekend with your pictures and hopefully are part of who we all are moving forward. We intersected for our life's purpose and we move forward knowing and love God…Amen!

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