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Dream: To Consider as a Possibility

 And Jesus said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.
(Luke 18:27 KJV)
Daring to
Return to
Edenic joys


As I look forward to a weekend with some other dreamers, I wanted to know more about the word…
Dream comes from Old English meaning “music, joy.”
Often we ask, what is “my dream” or what is God dreaming for us?

Today as I discovered this unexpected root meaning of dream, I asked myself these questions:
What is my joy? What music does my life express? What makes me want to sing for joy?
I look forward to exploring the answers to these questions with God over the next few days and especially as we gather this weekend for  Jumping Tandem-The Retreat.


 Jumping Tandem: The Retreat

6 responses to “Dream: To Consider as a Possibility”

  1. Well, Kel, you could have knocked me over w/ a feather. Had NO idea dream had to do w/ music, but singing again has been a huge dream of mine for some time. I had been a college vocal major and had sung w/ professional choruses in St. Louis, but God led me away from them a # of yrs. ago, so that I could meet the needs of a demanding full-time career, lead Bible studies, and eventually raise our daughter. But two years ago, he reintroduced singing into my life (my long-held dream, which He Himself took away), when through divine circumstances, He led me straight back to singing professionally in the most amazing way with a Bach performance group. The really neat thing is that all the music we sing is sacred, and we perform in the most incredible place–a huge stone chapel. Bach, of course, was a Christian and all He wrote was for Soli Deo Gloria! I am wondering if God will resurrect other dreams I have so that He alone is glorified by the miracle of bringing something dead to life, and so that He can use the gifts He's given to help others sing for joy! Wonderful post!LoveLynni

  2. Still wish I was going! Promise to share with me (us all?) all that you experience? This would be the one I really would love to go to. The Bloggers there seem to be the ones I relate to most…at least that's what I think. I will be heading to a Home School Conference next weekend…Praying for your retreat and time of refreshment and inspiration.

  3. Dawn- It would have been so cool to see you in person! I agree the main speakers are some of the bloggers that I resonate with too…all of us kindred spirits :)Glad you are getting to go to the Home School Conference…I am certain God will bless your fellowship and encourage you as you pursue this current season of life taking good care of your girl! Thanks for the prayers!

  4. Lynni- I love your testimony of our God who restores dreams…I imagine He has unexpected dreams awaiting us that we never dreamed of before…Love-Kel

  5. Yes, Kel, I'm with Dawn–please blog or email your readers 🙂 with word of what Jesus does this weekend. I look forward to hearing.

  6. Jody- I am sure we'll have some stories to tell when we get back…and I will be recording His wonders 🙂

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