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Pray Continually

Rejoice always,  pray continually,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV)

As I thumbed through a couple journals from summer 2012, I was searching for poetry and flowers, and instead I discovered a garden of prayer.

Last year, I was reading, The Hour that Changes the World by Dick Eastman and I adapted his twelve steps of prayer into a time of creative prayer. Here’s an example of one of my more colorful times praying:

Each bud in the pot names the topic of prayer!

Prayer of An Artist’s Need

I need
stunning vistas
wild wonders
great vantage points
a bridge to the past
the best seat in history
novel ideas
to experience art
to be filled with holy

Linking up with Random Journal Day.

11 responses to “Pray Continually”

  1. I love your journal art! So happy and a colorful reminder of all that prayer can do! Susie

  2. I love this journal page! Thank you for sharing- It reminds me of a book I also read maybe called praying in color or something…not sure. Will have to check that book out!

  3. Hm. Wonderful! So good to come to this "garden" this early morning, while the dew is still on the lifeless-seeming rose branches (which I know without doubt will leaf out and blossom and bloom). I have never used art in my journals to express what God's given my heart, but this makes me consider the possibility. A blessed day to you today, too, Kel!

  4. Kel, I think we, created in our Creator's image, love–even thrive–on colorful. What better use of it than to splash our prayers and journal pages with the colors of His love. And I just read Sylvia's post, and hope she too will consider adding even more color to her beautiful prayers. It's such fun to re-open journals and see streams of colors and pictures emanating from the pages….like joy splashes!Love you, Kel!Lynni

  5. How cheerful a reminder to rejoice in prayer!

  6. OH Kelly! It's YOU! I thought that joyful smile looked like yours! You are such a precious, wondrous lady! Good to see you here at this nourishing place!Love you!Lynni

  7. Thanks Susie! I just read an article in a magazine that says doodling can boost your mood…time in the presence of the Lord always lifts my spirit 🙂

  8. Dawn- I love the concept of praying in color…I often give that book Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth to friends as a gift when they need a little encouragement…

  9. Lynni- I like that "joy splashes"…when I look back at my journals the sketches and colorful pages evoke a memory of the time spent with the Lord…I also like writing in different color inks when I need some variety…

  10. Kelly- Don't ya just love playing with colors…rejoicing!

  11. I love that Eastman book… and your prayer journal drawings!

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