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Take Courage

Be strong and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord!
(Psalm 31:24 RSV)
I woke to themes of of Handel’s Messiah parading through my memory, the themes which proclaim the coming King, our very Jesus, who triumphed and fulfilled God’s word. What great music to accompany us, as we “wait and watch” for the Resurrection and the Life to break out and escape death, and  to deliver us the joy of the empty tomb.
But before the celebration tomorrow, I contemplate the sealed tomb.
Taking shelter in the tomb, Jesus waited for the manifestation of the Almighty Father in overcoming death with life.  Reading Psalm 31, an echo of what Jesus might have been praying falls upon my ear. Were these the words He recited to Himself, during His travail in the garden, His trial before angry men and mobs, and His time upon the cross?
Did you ever think of the tomb as a waystation or a refuge in times of trouble? A new thought: The tomb was the cave of refuge that kept our Rock safe, until He reappeared in the fulness of life for the tremendous finale.

In You I shelter;
rescue me in Your goodness,
let me not be shamed.
Make haste to hear me.
Be, Lord, my rock of refuge,
stronghold of safety
You are my stronghold,
since you lead me and guide me
for Your own name’s sake.
(Psalm 31:1-3 in Haiku by Fr. Richard Gwyn)


2 responses to “Take Courage”

  1. Kel, the word 'refuge' has been on my mind all week as I attempt to memorize Psalm 71. He IS our Rock and our Refuge. Hard to comprehend. Joyous Easter to you!

  2. I pray that Jesus will continue to reveal the many nuances of His refuge in your heart and life!

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