Unfold: To Open Out Gradually; Become Known

The unfolding of your words gives light;
it gives understanding to the simple.
(Psalm 119:130 NIV)
With God there is always more unfolding; that which we can glimpse of the divine is always exactly enough, and never enough.
(Kathleen Norris)
Everything I needed for today was enough. I am thankful for friends to pray with for our adult children, for fun lunch places that help others (The Women’s Exchange), for thrift stores that offer two way charity, gifting me with bargains and the proceeds that go to help others in need (The Scholarshop and The Resale Shop), and time to just read and relax in solitude this evening, eating leftovers from lunch for dinner.
(The above links to the restaurant and thrift stores are for my local readers or anyone passing through St. Louis. The Women’s Exchange has been helping underpriveleged women make an income since 1883. I love their grilled cream cheese with green olive and pimento sandwich. Part of your meal costs go to help women in St. Louis. Right now they are located on Clayton Rd, but are due to move this summer to a larger space at The Colonial Market Place near Ladue and 170.)

5 thoughts on “Unfold: To Open Out Gradually; Become Known

  1. I will feel right at home (well, I always do at your blog anyway, Kel!) if you start touring St. Louis. Women's Exchange is a bit pricey, but I, too, love that they donate to needy women. Sheridan's and my favorite entree is the Women's Exchange Salad Bowl. I'd recommend a reservation. I love that the women (other than the waitresses) who work there all volunteer. Plus, they sell exquisite needlework that is sold on consignment (I believe) for women who have no other way to support themselves. Where else can you find a beautifully hand-smocked dress these days? One of Sheridan's first baby outfits (actually two!) were gifts from The Women's Exchange. I can't believe they're moving. They've been in the current location forever. Funny: Mike said when he took me to the Women's Exchange he got ripped off, because when he left it was with the *same* woman! =] Thanks for the resale shop tips. I"ve only been to Scholarship. It's neat that the Lord takes our tired, old resale life and transforms us into something beautifully new. I can't wait till we wear resplendent, new wedding attire!LoveLynni

  2. Never thought about the keeping it local part…but that is true…both our grown sons love the thrift store …the youngest found a brooks brother tux with tails perfect fit for $11once

  3. Love your husband's joke, Lynni…glad he wasn't able to make that exchange …and what a joy to be dressed in a robe of righteousness bought by our own beloved's lifeblood…amazing love !

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