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Rendezvous: A Lover’s Meeting

My Beloved spoke, and said to me:
“Rise up, my love, my fair one,
And come away.”
(Solomon 2:10 NKJV)
. . . rendezvous, French for “a lover’s meeting.” The word literally means, “present yourselves.” In that literal translation is an excellent instruction on how to pray.
(Edward Hays, A Lenten Hobo Honeymoon)
On the first Friday of the Month, Dawn and Susie encourage us to randomly choose an entry from one of our journals to share with the community over at Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith.
As part of my “hobo honeymoon,” this was a nice trip down memory lane, as today I randomly chose a journal that I kept the summer of 2010. That summer I had the joy of visiting my sister and her family in Scotland.
Part of my time there included taking a trek on my own along the Fife Coastal Path. Those two days hiking alone with the Beloved will always be a treasured memory of our relationship. When I returned home, it would have been easy to forget the “romance” of those days and neglect our relationship.
This was one of my rendezvous spots along the path,
where I met with my Beloved in Scotland.
The practice of keeping a journal keeps me connected to the passion of loving Jesus. It’s a tangible record of our love and His companionship, as I live out this earthly trek.
Here’s what I wrote almost 3 years ago, after I returned home from Scotland:
“Thank you Jesus for the invitation to come away–to live apart from the usual pressures of life. Thank you that I can be an artist. Thank you for leisure and the ability to linger in your presence. You know me inside out.”
A little love note from Him, the verse from Solomon 2:10, precedes this entry. He continues to invite me to “come away” with Him daily in my journal and on these creative jaunts inspired by others’ devotional writing.
Jesus and I didn’t go anywhere today. We spent the morning sorting through supplies in the art room, so that we can enjoy the leisure of art journaling and collage these coming weeks.
He so delights for us to pursue the desires of our hearts, and He has provided for me beyond my wildest dreams. Life is not always rosy, but I have been blessed with abundant joy, even in the midst of trying times. And little reminders of His love surround me everyday.
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4 responses to “Rendezvous: A Lover’s Meeting”

  1. How is it possible I can't reach through the computer and hug you? That is another great looking read my friend, and the picture of Scotland just beautiful. Collage and art journaling sounds like a great way to spend time. I feel so connected with Him when I create…Thanks for linking and sharing. Blessed Kel. Just blessed. Again!

  2. I think that the Lord so often woos us to "come away." The question is, Will we? I'm so glad that you have, whether to Starbucks or Scotland. What an adventure you're taking Kel! I'm so happy for you.Lynni

  3. Dawn- I stand amazed at how God can link hearts over the airwaves…but not really surprised… He did create the first wireless communication…prayer! Praying that you have a sweet week with the Beloved. Peace-Kel and hugs!

  4. Lynni- I know how you love to come away with the Beloved and I pray that you are having a sweet Sabbath in His word and His presence. Peace and hugs-Kel

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