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Hobo: Homeward Bound

We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace.
(1 Chronicles 29:15 NLT)
For the rest of the Lenten journey, I’ve decided to become a hobo. My good friend, Carol Ann, found a devotion with the intriguing title: A Lenten Hobo Honeymoon, written by Edward Hays. In this devotion, the author relates that the word hobo was coined as a contraction of “homeward bound.” I like it! I want to live with a greater consciousness of my transitory status here on earth. I want this consciousness to inform how I live my life now.
So with that in mind, I am adding this devotion to my stack.  The book invites me to see myself as a sojourner longing for home, as well as a newly wed bride, who savors every waking moment with her Bridegroom. An interesting combination to be sure, but the unlikely companionship of these two words, challenges me to take my eyes off of me and put them back on the Beloved Son of God.
I have always wanted to pick up and just go see the world. And while I can’t just leave my husband with TV dinners and hop a train, I can imagine what it would be like to start each day wondering where my Beloved Jesus will invite me to go next. As an artist and writer, I have been looking forward to dedicating the next month to creative pursuits.
Even before, Carol Ann hollered, “All Aboard!” with this gem of a devotion, I was dreaming about planning my calendar for March in such a way as to explore more of our hometown, with a heart open to where Jesus might want to go this month as we contemplate His life, passion and ressurection.
Here’s how I want to honor Jesus for the rest of Lent:
1.) I’m going to continue writing letters to my Beloved Savior, little notes or poems each day to tell Him how much I love Him.
2.) I am going to plan several out of the ordinary day trips to explore St. Louis with the eyes of an artist/writer, rather than a tourist.
3.) And to top it all off, I hope to report back with some spiritual insights and a deeper love for Jesus.

8 responses to “Hobo: Homeward Bound”

  1. Awesome. I intend to read that book — love it's title. You inspire me, Kel, and I'm so glad I know you. Thanks for sharing your insights here. Good luck with your ventures about town…looking forward to reading about them.

  2. kel, It's so fun to read this post, because I ran into Carol at LifeWay, and she had mentioned it! I'd forgotten the exact title, so thanks! I must say that I have never much liked St. Louis (for your readers–I've lived here all my life)… I will be interested to see what you discover. But one thing that I do love to do is to go journal in our Botanical Garden. It really is gorgeous and is quiet and feels safe. Of course, it's a bit nippy to do that now. But there are other lovely indoor journaling retreats. Of course, you must visit our art museum (and the big opening of the new wing will be in June–I think)….and the Library HQ downton has been completely remodeled. Interestingly, the Campbell House was featured in Victoria Magazine this month, and that is actually quite beautiful. I'm all zoo-ed out, but I do love Forest Park. Hmmm…..maybe I like the city more than I think! Ha! But I think what you are also describing is just having a date with the Lover of your Soul, and I have really enjoyed doing that–and by spicing up my dates with God, I just think of new places to go and journal. So, I'll enjoy reading abour your Lenten journey–literally, and I'll ck out that book. LoveLynni

  3. Just discovered your blog – looking forward to your journey!

  4. Kel, I had never heard of this origin of the word 'hobo'–but it makes so much sense. I wrote a post once about being sojourners in the land, 'guests like all our Fathers' Ps. 39:12 is a phrase I remember.What an adventure God is leading you on–I look forward to 'posts from the field':-)

  5. I look forward to the adventures and some of the outings you and I have planned as well to commemorate the life, passion and resurrection of our Savior! Peace-Kel

  6. Lynni- I love how this post ( a mini "journal" entry) revealed the places and things you do love about St. Louis. Thanks for the reminder about the Library downtown. I love the Art Museum and can't wait to see how the expansion enhances our enjoyment of the arts. Never been to Campbell House, will have to check it out :)To the journey-Kel

  7. Valerie- Glad you stopped by!Enjoy-Kel

  8. Jody- As an empty nester, I have the leisure to go on these crazy adventures now. And I have a very supportive husband 🙂 He just smiles and nods his head, when I tell him about what I'm up to :)from the field-Kelp.s I love the word "sojourner"…I'll have to look up your post in the archives…

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