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Thrilling Thursday: Journaling

Let not mercy and truth forsake you;
Bind them around your neck,
Write them on the tablet of your heart.
(Proverbs 3:3)
On Monday, I mentioned that I see my journal as a sacred place to process my days and to notice patterns in my life. In my journal, I often experience the mercies of God, as He reveals fresh insights into areas of my heart that need correction or healing or both.
Lynn D. Morrissey, a dear friend and mentor in the art of journaling wrote a book chronicling her experience with journaling as a way to write love letters to God.
As we come to this time of year when the world is decorated with paper hearts, I wanted to give a heart felt recommendation of her book, Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer.
In her book, she gives a glimpse into her heart as she pours it out to God in prayer. Writing our prayers can lead to discovery and healing.
For a sweet review of her book check out Finding Floyd’s blog post titled: A Box of Chocolates.
For some more inspiration on the art and practice of journaling check out these links:
At Writing Forward, Melissa’s website, you can explore more posts about journal writing  in her archives. Click here to check them out.
I hope you journal like
no one is reading over your shoulder!
Write God’s love on the tablet of your heart.
His mercies never fail.
His truth always prevails.

12 responses to “Thrilling Thursday: Journaling”

  1. I sure enjoyed exploring all the info you shared here. One of these days you're likely to convince me to get serious about keeping a journal. Now it's just bits and scraps that float around.

  2. Wow…. God is encouraging us – and others – to write our hearts to Him. Awesome!

  3. Great call, Kel! Reading Lynn's book changed the way I interact with my Father now. It is more personal sacred. For those who write, it's using the gift the way God intended it and the benefit is beyond explanation. As you know I too couldn't recommend Lynn's book any higher! Thanks, Kel!

  4. Jeanette- I am on a mission to encourage all to write or journal in some form or fashion. I love your bits and scraps! You are great storyteller!

  5. Yes! Diane thanks for your ministry in writing and your prompts at Deep Calls Unto Deep are such a blessing and simple way to start the dialogue with God!

  6. Floyd- I know Lynni desires to see a journaling revolution explode across the world. We are just a couple sparks adding to her fire and desire. To God be the glory!

  7. Kel, I'm so honored and humbled that you would mention Love Letters to God and talk about your own journaling journey. I was so amazed that you said you were reading my book again during your Lenten journey. Surely, Lenten journeys are heart journeys, but you words were still not what I expected! I pray that God blessed you richly as you write your love letters to Him! Of course, I've shared my vision with you before: I ask God for a global journaling revolution for Christians. So many do not know about this best-kept secret for praying. Just think: When you write your prayers, you have a word-for-word record of your interaction with God. It's not that *He* needs it, but we tend to forget what we've said to Him, and what He's impressed upon our hearts. And there is just something about the process of written prayer that draws the heart out and shows us things we never knew were lodged in the depths of our hearts–whether sin, dreams, or joys. Thank you for pointing your readers to pick up their pens to communicate with Jesus. Their lives will never be the same!LoveLynn

  8. Hi Jeanette! That's exactly why you *need* a journal… need a place to collect all those scraps and bits and beautiful thoughts and prayers. You need a place to see your life unfold, a place where you can discover the depths of your soul. You will LOVE journaling! I'm certain of it!Fondly,Lynn Morrissey

  9. Oh wow! Praise be to God! So glad, Diane, that you are encouraging others to journal their journey. OUr hearts beat on the same wave length. Journaling transforms us, yes?Bless you!Lynn Morrissey

  10. Floyd, you still amaze me, and it amazes me how the Lord ordained our meeting…..and frankly, Kel, ours too (in a bookstore)! Floyd, I wish you could join Kel and me for our Starbucks Celebrations, when we pour out our souls to each other as the tea is poured (in my case, tea!). We indeed do spark ideas off each other in this Christian journaling revolution I think about. And, indeed, as Kel says, you are a spark. Actually, I think you two are fires of passion for the Lord. And I'm so glad that God is using prayer-journaling in your lives to fan the flame!LoveLynn (or Lynni, as the case may be! 🙂

  11. Lynni- Amen! And thank you for your encouragement and responding to the readers today to spark each of us on in our journaling journey! I love what you say about prayer and the idea that God allows us to record what we say to Him is a gift indeed and how His Spirit speaks back through the words always amazes me. Love-Kel

  12. Truly, this is an amazing gift, and I rejoice how lately it seems that more Christians are jumping on the journaling bandwagon! =]Bless you, Kel, for spreading the good word (and Good News)!Lynni

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