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Embryo: Something in an Early Stage of Development


I think a journal is like an embryo. It is the incubator for my writing life. The ideal place for thoughts and ideas to gestate, in their early stage of development.

Today I am linking up with Random Journal Day with Dawn and Susie over at Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith.
Here’s the entry I randomly chose in a journal from 2010:


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Morning. Rainy Day. Cold & Damp.

I woke up around 6am and decided to rouse myself from bed and begin the day. Right now the house is cluttered and dust laden. Barely enough time to make sure we have clean underwear. Final days of the semester mean I must make the most of every moment. Also preparing for trip . . . and keeping up with family and friends.
(That’s all I wrote in my journal that day.)
It’s strange when you go back to a journal entry looking for some seed of thought that might inspire greater things. In this entry, I notice that my life was very full. During that semester of life, I learned to accept that I had the normal amount of time, but it was divided amongst several different interests and pursuits.
Time to rest and reflect, even for a few lines in my journal. Barely time to do laundry. Never enough time or motivation to dust.
One key phrase in the paragraph, “making the most of every moment” gives a glimpse into my heart. Time and people are important to me. Cultivating relationships and nurturing the embryonic ideas that often generate from my ever active mind are seeds of who I am. See how a journal can reveal or affirm something about yourself!
I love keeping a journal. My journals are treasured, sacred places to process my days, to notice patterns and to discover truths about life. A journal can be a place of healing or a place to discover your purpose. Or even a springboard for blogging or other writing projects.
If you have a journal, and want to link up with Random Journal Day, the link is open all month.

Go now, write it on a tablet for them,
inscribe it on a scroll,
that for the days to come
it may be an everlasting witness.

(Isaiah 30:8 NIV)

11 responses to “Embryo: Something in an Early Stage of Development”

  1. Kel: Thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you for the lovely thoughts you graced me with. I like what you said here about loving to keep a journal. Yes, our journals are sacred places. We can record our deepest thoughts and our dreams.

  2. It is a grace to have you along for the journey as we share our journals and our lives.

  3. Kel, thanks for your comment today! This post is beautiful in its simplicity. Maybe that is why we love to journal, it is so simple and uncomplicated you know? And then when we read our journals years later, it takes us right back to the moment and with a new perspective we can appreciate our lives more. I also want to add that your face makes me smile every time I come here. You just look so open and friendly with a bunch of humor thrown in there too. Ha!

  4. Thanks Susie! I appreciate your authentic posts and honesty about life. I agree while some think journaling a daunting task, I find it simply the best way to dialogue with God and myself about life. I'm glad you feel welcomed and joyful when you come by for a visit. 🙂

  5. WOW…what a sweet surprise- I was popping over from my blog feeds trying to catch up and had no idea that you were linked for RJD BUT was super blessed to see your journal! ANd so very grateful for you joining in…oh my , and that is your own drawing, yes? Beautiful combination…I am blessed by you my friend. Wish I was Jumping Tandem with you…

  6. I know I wish you were coming as well…but it sounds like you have lots of new adventures on the horizon with your daughter.I love doodling and I found this book several years ago called "Praying in Color" by Sybil MacBeth…it really helps me to focus, when I don't know what words to pray…the act of drawing and coloring helps me listen closer. Lately I have been "naming" the creations…thus this one is called "embryo"You are doing a great thing encouraging women to journal and live for God! See you around the net…

  7. Kel, needless to say (because you know me!), I LOVE this post. You are singing to the choir here! I have journaled for over 35 years, and it was the Lord who led me so many years ago to write my prayers and also to use my journals for other purposes as well. But writing what I call my "love letters to God" is the primary way I use my journals. They contain such sweet, souful communications with the Lord…..where, yes, I express my love, but also wrestle with Him. Sometimes what I read is not pretty, but raw, and yes, real. But threaded throughout the pages, I always see Gods patience, love, and faithfulness. I loved all you have said here, especially about the sacredness of this place where we meet with God. And because you treasure cultivating relationships, and because I know you, I know you treasure cultivating your relationship with God more than anything……in your journals and in His Word! There was a neat conversation going on with wonderful blogger Floyd Samons and his readers and me over at his blog. We talk all about journaling, in case your readers would like to take a peek: (We discuss my book on journaling), and also wonderful blogger Michael Hyatt opened up a huge journaling discussion at glad that you are singing the praises of journaling, Kel. Oh and thanks for talking about drawing prayers too. I haven't done it often, but when I have, it has been very meaningful!LoveLynni

  8. Lynni- You and Mary Ann K. have been my greatest encouragers in sustaining the habit and joy of journaling. I plan to share both links you just mentioned in a future post! Thanks for sharing here today!

  9. Oh and I do love Mary Ann K! What a precious, journaling saint of God! Give her my love, please.

  10. will do…she's sharing at a church ladies' group soon to help them start a journaling group at their church…we still meet monthly with her with a few women to spur each other on in our journaling pursuits!

  11. Kel, just popped back over and have to tell you , that book has been on my list for awhile! Love it- have mauled it at the bookstore. Natch! lol. Thanks for your affirming words. You are right. I will need to get away, but regular closeby coffee meetings with friends and walks on the beach will have to work during this season. Please write about it on your blog, will you? Maybe next year I can come! In His Grace, Dawn

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